Sunday, November 15, 2009

OSS Event Chips Revealed

According to Mui Mui's findings, Operate Shooting Star will continue the tradition of offering promotional in-game items through Capcom sponsored events.  Two secret battle chips, Forte F and Burai B, were recently uncovered via hacking:

Details on how to obtain the chips for yourself available here, and video of the cards in action here.


  1. FUCK YEAH! Shit I knew about from RPM.

  2. I have every Event for EXE1~3 using a Cheat Device, EXE4~6 using the actual Cards, and SSR1~3 & OSS thanks to Mui Mui as legit as they can be.

    It definitely beats waiting until next year for a game that only took 6 hours to complete, for two crummy Nintendo Channel Downloads that modifies the Save file for your Retail Cart. At least this is like actually acquiring it if you went to an Event in Japan.

    OSS is 100% done with this, IMO.

  3. @Nigoli

    Apparently you didn't read the blog post that said it was doing good. It's over because you don't like some EXTRA stuff? Please,get over yourself.

  4. @Anonymous / Post #3

    Apparently you didn't read the blog post that said it was doing good.

    That said it was doing good? What?

    It's over because you don't like some EXTRA stuff?

    Never said that. And I actually love extra stuff, I wouldn't of played this game again if that were the case. I wouldn't of spent lots of money on things like e-Reader+ Cards and other merchandise if I didn't love extra game add-ons like these. You clearly misinterpreted my post comment about the Nintendo Channel.

    Once again, Event > Nintendo Channel. It's more legit, and better than Save modification. I have the Retail Game, and I have Japanese Nintendo Channel access. I don't have to agree with this method. If they were free give-aways like Cards or some type of device that could send these things Wirelessly, I would pay whatever money I had to get them like for EXE4~6's Special Chip Transmission Cards that were free once given at their respective Events.

    Please,get over yourself.

    ?.. I don't see anything to get over.

  5. @Anon: Yea, I don't see what's wrong with Nigoli's post. O_o

  6. Nigoli, repliroid20xx, and Under to the rescue as always. At the speed you guys find these things and make them available, I question the need for Capcom to even make these into event chips.

  7. Don't worry about it, Nigoli. Some people just don't know how to read.

    Considering how often we don't get the extras brought over from Japan at all, I thank my lucky stars for these codes to help fulfill my playing experience. Thanks for helping to share them.

  8. Why doesn't Rogue have his SF3 sword..? >_> SSR is from SF3, so why isn't Rogue?

  9. The chips look cool, but unfortunately, Rouge's in game sprite from his attack, is pretty awful.

  10. woot~! i can't eait till it comes to America!! ^-^


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