Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ENC Operate Shooting Star Trailer

What's perhaps the final trailer before the game's release, here's the exclusive Everyone's Nintendo Channel preview for Operate Shooting Star:

Credit: The Mega Man Network 


  1. STIIIIILL does nothing for me. Oh well, looks like it's one game I won't be looking forward to when it's released here.

    Although I will give the game credit for making a cool sprite for SF Rockman.

  2. You do realize that it's already the 12th in Japan, right? It's like 2:27 PM over there now.

  3. ahh the nostalgia...I remember those battles from my gba T_T Im definitely gonna get this one when its out in english. Great final trailer

  4. The only thing that bothers me is that they just mirror sprites. If you control Shooting Star Rockman, his cannon is on his RIGHT arm, while he's left-handed in the SF series. >_> Actually noticed that a while back, but I didn't feel like saying it until now.

  5. It's only worth if you never played it or sell the original GBA game after getting it, like the Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Mega Man X Collection, but some of those had changes some may miss like the X6 voices, MM1 glitch and the Saturn version of MM8 (OK with PSX version).

  6. Played it earlier(NO$GBA FTW), its surprisingly, much more fluid than the original EXE. And for some stupid reason you start a enw game, see the prologue with SSR, then he prompts you to load the game...

    I found that EXTREMELY dumb, since you have to tap the top option to see a prologue, then tap the second option on the menu to play the actual game. Alot of the music, though not remixed, has been remastered, and has MUCH better quality.

    The main menu theme from the demo is the net's theme. Its kinda odd hearing it, since I honestly doubt its old. It sounds to SSR-ish to be the nets theme, it also makes it sound like you are walking through the undernet constantly. It really doesn't fit.

    The sprites are well made and don't look like they were just imported from the original, they actually look new. SSR's overworld EXE sprite is a bit... uh... odd. With him being left handed but the buster being on his right.... LOL

    Basically its a solid port, but like others said, its stil EXE 1, if you've played it before. Miss out on OSS, its nothing new.

  7. SSR Rockman is left handed? Win.


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