Saturday, November 28, 2009

Want Legends 3? Get Ready To Make Your Voices Heard!

Looks like Capcom is getting ready to finally consider our pleas.  After years of waiting, Capcom is responding to the Mega Man Legends 3 demand through the creation of an official outlet to let our voices be heard:

"We’re working on a way for you to be able to do just such a thing (voice your opinion), and hope to have the new Unity feature available soon-ish. The bad news is that you’ll have to compete with the Powerstone 3 and RE: Outbreak psychos for attention! :D Seriously though, I know that having such a clear outlet is important, and we’re working on even more direct ways for you to let your voice be heard internally here at Capcom.” - Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian

No word when such an outlet will be available to fans, but knowing the guys over at Unity, you'll see something soon enough.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Every time I comment a new link to a news story MMN posts about it and gets credit. XD It doesn't matter since I'm posting as anonymous, but it's just funny.

    MML3, yes please. I will <3 you forever Capcom. Even after you botched OSS. I'd like to see it on Wii, because I can't afford the other consoles, but what would be cool is an all-in project by Capcom where they put a dedicated team on a version for PS3/360 and a version for the Wii.

    I see good things in the future.

  2. "Every time I comment a new link to a news story MMN posts about it and gets credit. XD It doesn't matter since I'm posting as anonymous, but it's just funny."

    I don't get it...

  3. We're not limited to JUST Legends.
    I for one will support Legends 3 PLUS new game in the EXE universe because that is my favorite.(With legends being a VERY close second) Notice that I didn't say EXE7? That's because EXE 6 IS the last game in the CONTINUING plot. But I do love the EXE/SS universe.

  4. Well this is quite a step. . .in many YEARS!!!

    From what Seth had mention, I believe the dude is right. Doing forums, e-mailing and petion poles just don't cut it anymore. Though I don't know about Legends 3 (or maybe an X9) is legit or not, a direct approach towards Capcom seems more suitable to know what us fans want. . .

  5. Is he the guy we should suck up to for ZX3, too? lol

  6. Power Stone 3! And Star Gladiators!
    OK, MML3 is good too!

  7. Give us MML3 for PS3! Pretty please???? If you do that, that would be MEGA-great!

    Maybe Megaman X9 or MMX:CM2 will be fine for us.

  8. Anonymous said...
    >Power Stone 3! And Star Gladiators!
    >OK, MML3 is good too!

    oh no you le didn't

    also, /v/ had already the shitstorm about this. anyway, inb4 disappointment and rage

  9. As long as they get the guys who wrote Legends 1 and 2 to do it.

  10. Megaman Legends 3 is cool but I would have to go with Powerstone 3

  11. I would just plain love MML3 with all the voices from MML1, and the controls, weapons, and overall gameplay from MML2.

  12. Just thought somebody would be interested:

  13. Did people see this link in the thread:

    O_O I hope that Capcom takes its directions from this guy when they do get around to MML3. I would be disappointed if his ideas went to waste. Once again



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