Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Here's the Complete "Mega Man: Fully Charged" Style Guide

Yes; Mega Man: Fully Charged is done. Kaput. But every now and then I get the chance to share something neat from the show's development. Today is one of those days.

For your consideration, I present to you the complete Mega Man: Fully Charged style guide. This 123-page document contains dozens of rare and unseen character illustrations and renders, size charts, unproduced Fully Charged merchandise, package design graphics and more! It's a neat commodity for any Fully Charged aficionado; an excellent resource for fan-art or what have you. Grab it here

The style guide was originally distributed to Fully Charged licensees and partners before the show first aired. It served to provide these parties with official assets to use on their products. The style guide also includes a set of very specific brand usage rules and regulations. For example, character art could not be cropped or mirrored. The Mega Man: Fully Charged logo couldn't be modified in any way, either. Interesting (albeit standard) stuff.

And I think that about does it for Fully Charged here at Rockman Corner. For this year at least.

I might have something to share about unproduced season 2 episodes. I'm still working on that one. For now, you can what happened to season 2 here. Nothing has changed on that front; the show is still dead. But the official comic follow-up remains a decent substitute. The would-be second season would have been a bit different, though.

More on that in due time. Stay tuned!


  1. Poor Fire Man got his Key Phrases overwritten by Ice Man. And it's kinda weird that Namagem's character art is hidden despite him showing up on the size chart.

  2. Tbh, all I wanted was the rest of the robot masters because the toys are good quality and look great. Except for Cut Man. I absolutely did not want Mr. Chauncey Bowlcut as a toy.

  3. Honestly Clownman should have been a villain in the show. Its probably just my love for clowns but i mean, come on. they could have gotten so creative writing him. especially with the way clowns are in media now! Clownman could have been silly and weird or creepy and maniacal! and clown villains are a big trend too! The Joker, Zombozo, Piedmon, and Countless horror movie characters. I was pretty disappointed when they didn't include him. (Literally nobody is gonna agree with me on this)


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