Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"Mega Man Goes Blue!" Charity Stream Kicks Off This Weekend

The holiday season inspires us to do some good, and these guys are doing just that. A two-day Mega Man charity event is due to take place this weekend on behalf of Zero Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting prostate cancer and supporting patients and caregivers.

The December 4th~December 5th stream will feature a handful of Mega Man games from classic and X to Battle Network. The schedule is still being finalized but you can see the current action-packed lineup here. Donations are being accepted ahead of the stream as well. You can find that here!

Rockman Corner will be hosting an embedded version of the stream this weekend, too. We hope you'll be able to tune in! It's for a good and worthy cause.

Source: Zero Prostate Cancer


  1. "Time for your Digital Rectal Exam....with a Megabuster! "

    Not sure if that sounds good...

  2. *reads and re-reads the article just to make sure it was read correctly*



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