Monday, November 15, 2021

Bass XX Joins the Fray for the Next Rockman X DiVE Festival

On the heels Bass.EXE and Bass GS, here comes another version of Bass from the Battle Network series! This time it's Bass XX; a secret boss from Battle Network 4 and 5. Bass XX joins the "Deep Log" in time for the next DiVE Festival, which is expected to take place this coming Wednesday.

Find all the details after the break!

Bass XX's first active skill is Helz Rolling. It's a chakram that travels along the floor damaging all the enemies on its path. One of his passive skills will reduce the preparation time of Helz Rolling by 2 seconds after you hit a target.

His second active skill is Chaos Nightmare. Bass XX will release an energy ball that ignores terrain and causes massive damage. One of the character's passive skills will allow the preparation time to be reduced to 2 seconds when using Helz Rolling.

The remaining passive skills will grant him a shield barrier, an invincible shield and the ability to reset his skills. This will enable him to use skills continuously.

The DiVE Fest banner will go up this Wednesday through November 24!

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