Monday, November 29, 2021

Grab "Making Mega Man: Code Legend" for 10% Off (Until 12/2)

Cyber Monday may be winding down to a close, but before you tuck your leftover Zenny away, Artec Co. has a last minute deal for ya. 

From now until Thursday, December 2, the Making Mega Man: Code Legend tool kit is 10% off on Amazon. That brings it down from $259.99 to $233. It's not an earth-shattering price slash, but it's the first time Code Legend has seen any kind of discount.  And given how few kits were produced, it might be the only one. 

For the uninitiated, Code Legend is a fully-fledged educational tool kit developed by Artec and licensed by Capcom. It teaches aspiring programmers how to make their own Mega Man games. You can even create motion-controlled Mega Man games with the included modular controller too! You can see the whole thing in action here.

Source: Artec Co.

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  1. We're STILL advertising for this? It's been available for quite a while though. Even with the price cut, it's still very expensive. So I doubt there will be many buyers for this.

    Also, probably worth a mention that Artec's English youtube channel has been uploading 30 second videos of this kit's coding stages once a week, or every other week, or when they can. As of this post they are up to stage 3 on these videos. Here's their youtube playlist.


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