Monday, November 8, 2021

Dynamo Joins Rockman X DiVE

We saw him not too long ago in Teppen. And now, shortly after Rockman X DiVE's Halloween event, the mercenary with combat skills equal to an SA-Class Hunter is bound for the Deep Log. It's... Dynamo!

Find all the details after the break!

Dynamo's first active skill is D Blade, an attack that goes through landscapes and barriers. His second active skill is Tsubame Gaeshi which makes him immune to damage while slashing at enemies.

One of his passive skills will grant him damage reduction when a buster and  saber are equipped simultaneously.

Dynamo is an S rank character and his standalone gacha banner will be available starting this Wednesday through November 17.


  1. Finally! It's weird it took so long to get him. He's my 2nd most wanted MMX character, so I'll definitely save for him when he comes to Global, which will be a while.

  2. It's cool that they're complementing this "special boss" class of characters to the game. Vile, Iris, Colonel and Dynamo are probably the most popular ones in the X series, but it would also be nice to get the X-Hunters, Nightmare Police and so on and so forth.

    1. Ferham, Nightmare Zero, and even Bit are also in the game. Also Leviathan, Harpuia, and Pandora if we go into other series, as well as Rogue, and Bass and possibly Proto Man would count if Iris does. I feel like the next "special boss" we'll get is Berkana, with Gate following. Again, going largely by popularity. With some of the "special bosses", they're less popular than certain regular bosses like Chill Penguin.

    2. Seems so far, the Wily avatar bodies aren't part of it. I don't care about dive, but it would be interesting if the final boss or introduction was Wily's viral self vs just an avatar or sharing a body with Sigma Final Sigma W style.

    3. More regular bosses would also be cool. Chill Penguin is indeed one of the more recognizable ones, even for people not that much familiar with Mega Man X.

      As for Wily, I think they'll add him in some capacity in the near future, not sure if any of his forms will be playable though. Maybe him in his UFO?...

    4. Surprised we have only one regular boss from outside X and he isn't playable either. The Robot Masters are probably the most remembered regular bosses in the franchise, with some of the least being the Reaverbot bosses, who barely count anyways. Non-playable special bosses at the moment include General, Byte, Godkarmachine O Inary, Ilumina (if she counts), and Dark Man. In addition, Bit, despite also being playable, is part of the normal boss rotation.


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