Friday, November 19, 2021

Sample Pages From Ryo Takamisaki's New "Forte: Time of Reunion" Manga

After the initial reveal and some additional information shared by Takamisaki-san on Twitter, today via Fukkan we have three sample pages from the new Forte manga. "Forte: Time of Reunion" will come packed with the "Ryo Takamisaki Rockman Works SSR" manga compilation due in January 2022.

You can check out the sample pages and something extra after the break!

We can't really tell what's going on but at least this is the confirmation that SearchMan.EXE and his operator Raika will make an appearance. The pair will allegedly fight against Forte.EXE.  What's more, Yuichiro Hikari, Netto's dad, will make an appearance. Rockman.EXE, Netto, Blues.EXE and Enzan will show up as well. It's an event they won't want to miss!

Lastly, via the Rockman Unity Twitter account, here's a peek at another illustration by Ryo Takamisaki for this new manga.

Did you manage to preorder the book? Let us know!

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