Sunday, November 28, 2021

Awakened Zero and ProtoMan.EXE Join Mega Man X DiVE

Mega Man X DiVE is celebrating its first 100 days since the North American servers went online. And after a week's delay, the Network Guardian event is finally taking place next week and it comes with the PvP king himself, ProtoMan.EXE! 

What's more? The European and LATAM Servers are getting Awakened Zero and free pulls!

Find all the details after the break!

The 100 Day Celebration Capsule will go live this Wednesday in the NA Server, allowing you a single pull with a guaranteed S rank character or weapon.

The pool is as follows: Tron, Iris, UAX, Ferham, UAX CM, Sigma, Cinnamon, Leviathan, Assault Equipment, Nightmare, Destructive Laser, Heart of Gold, Gravitational Buster, Explosive Blower, Ancient Relic, Sniper Buster.

To activate this capsule you will have to purchase a special voucher that costs $10.99. It's limited to two vouchers per player account.

NebulaJoy added a few characters and weapons that were not present in the original capsule for the Taiwanese version. This is your chance to get ahead of the game and grab some characters and weapons that will be released next year. It's up to you to judge if the asking price is worth the prize.

Last week, all servers saw the arrival of MegaMan.EXE and Bass.EXE. Due to undisclosed reasons, the North American Network Guardian event was put on hold. But next week, the event is finally taking place and players will be able to get ProtoMan.EXE from the gacha capsule.

He is one that you don't want to miss as he is widely considered the king of PvP.

Now, when it comes to the European and LATAM servers. Next week the game celebrates its first DiVE Festival bringing Awakened Zero to the game.

If the free pulls from the MegaMan.EXE and Bass.EXE Capsules were not enough, this DiVE Festival Capsule will allow you 1 free 10-pull and the pity system is set to 250 coins.

What's more? The Space-Time Jumper event will take place in the European and LATAM servers giving players the chance to get various rewards including the Boomerange Kuwanger Chip.

Keep an eye on Global Version social media channels and the Discord channel to find the latest news about the game.

Disclaimer: The information in this article has been provided by NebulaJoy, any last minute change is outside our control or responsibility.


  1. $11 for one RANDOM S Rank and you might not even get a character?
    And your not being ripped off.

    It's nice to see these threads are dead now.

    1. Yes, these days, the admin here only posts Dive and toys and manga. No games, and some unknown one in the works. If we are lucky, Taisen is Legends 3 and they don't announce it to avoid getting hopes up until it is imminent to avoid the same mistake of 2011, but that is unlikely. We need games more often; not one every 4 or 3 years. It will take forever to tell the whole MM story at this rate. It sure does not feel like a MM revival. I'm hoping covid is the main reason for this lack of release nonsense and why it is taking 4 years, though more could coordinate online and make it at home then vs in person like we see with modding.

    2. If you've been getting your rewards all month you could pay less than that for a guaranteed Super Mega Man right now.

      Yeah, the paid-only randoms never did it for me. I don't want to sink money into what could very easily turn out to be a pile of fragment data.

    3. Totally agree, these Gatcha games are just scam.

      I'm really sad this is the only Rockman X game that we are getting in almost 2 decades...

    4. Do you ever stop complaining?

    5. @Gary Daniel,

      In their defense it's Mega Man news. They post Mega Man news. It's sad this is all they have to report.

    6. @Hypershell

      How much do I need to pay to get me a proper new Mega Man game? :P

  2. Congratulate the minority of users on the official discord, they are the ones who approved it as it is.


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