Monday, November 29, 2021

The 2021 Mega Man X Holiday Gift Guide (HobbyLink Japan)

Well, it's that time of year again. There's something in the air that tells us to spoil our friends (and ourselves) with some Mega Man goodies. And this year, HobbyLink Japan has your back. 

They have lots of model kits currently available, more on pre-order (for those who don't mind getting their presents a bit after the holiday season), and a few other trinkets. After the break, I'll detail and link to potential presents that may brighten your holiday and beyond!

What better place to start than vanilla X? This kit is perfect for beginners and accurately reflects X's trademark look. Aside from having a stellar representation of X on your shelf or desk -- since this is an unassembled model kit -- with a bit of skill and patience, you can paint this guy any color you want! The possibilities are endless!

The newest kit on the block, the Force (or Fourth) Armor Rising Fire Ver. is quite the striking piece! This kit also comes with the Plasma Shot arm upgrade and a massive Plasma Shot effect, so you can really make your display pop! If you would like to know more about this kit, we have a review on it here.

The perfect companion piece for the X Force Armor Rising Fire Ver. This kit is the same build as the normal X. But this time, it comes with some nifty fire accessories that are interchangeable with the other kits from the line. I've always felt that X looks pretty great in red. And if Rising Fire isn't exactly your favorite weapon, this is the same color scheme as Spinning Blade from X3, so you could always say this is a Spinning Blade kit!

These Ride Armor kits are absolutely stunning! The kits are sized to fit the 66 Action line of Mega Man figures. But even without those, the Ride Armors display wonderfully on their own. This set comes with two kits to make the Chimera Ride Armor and Vile's Ride Armor from Mega Man X. It also includes pieces to turn these Armors into the Kangaroo and Hawk Ride Armors! It's fun to use your sense and skill to create your own combinations. At the time of this writing, there is only 1 left in stock, so get it while you can!

Nendoroid is bringing the X2 love with the Rabbit Ride Armor. Lots of detail in a cute little package, no assembly required! If you have a Nendoroid X, or heck, any other Nendoroid figure that you think can handle the Rabbit, this is a perfect addition to your collection! At the time of this writing, there are only 5 left in stock, so get it while you can!

The following items are currently on pre-order, so they will likely not be available by the end of the year. I've got ahead and listed when they're expected to arrive.

Staying on the topic of X2, this is the kit I'm currently  most excited about. The Second Armor doesn't seem to get enough love when it comes to merchandise. That is, until now. 

In an absolutely perfect recreation of the Second Armor from Mega Man X2, this is looking to be one of the best in the line. The kit also includes a damaged face (see pic) for X that can be used with any of the previous X kits, an alternate Z-Buster for Zero that is modeled after the Buster's appearance in Mega Man X2! The inclusion of the Z-Buster was extremely unexpected, but inclusions like that show that Kotobukiya really knows their stuff. The Second Armor is currently on pre-order and scheduled to release in December 2021. This is definitely one you won't wanna miss!

The Max Armor (Third Armor) from X3 is getting a reissue and it's currently up to pre-order! When this kit was first announced, I knew this line was going to be a special one. Not only is it a 1:1 recreation of the armor, but it also comes with a Z-Saber, referencing the best secret moves in the series (in my humble opinion). 

The Max Armor is currently on pre-order and scheduled to release in January 2022. If you missed out on this kit the first time around, you'll definitely want to pick it up this time before it's too late!

The last item on our list today is the fan-favorite crimson Maverick Hunter himself, Zero. This kit is an essential. You gotta have Zero, right? Zero -- who looks like he came straight from his official art -- comes with four different Saber effects and his Z-Buster (X3 and onward design). Zero is currently back-ordered, but placing your order will enter you into the purchase queue when stock becomes available.

Well, that's it for our list from HobbyLink Japan! Are you planning to pick any of these goodies up for yourself or for a friend? If so, let us know what you plan to get!


  1. These are all great items that I personally recommend! Have fun using your sense and skill to create your ultimate Mega Man X!

    1. Yeah, as long as people don't expect these to look like the promotional photos just assembled out-of-the-box: these are pretty good kits for fans. They are a little pricey for what you get, and it definitely takes "sense and skill" to make them look good, but they look great on a shelf.

      Let's be honest though: nobody ordering anything originating from outside their country is likely to receive those things before the end of the year. It's airmail or nothin' if you want imported stuff in December!

  2. I had some issue shipping with Zero(thanks to the post office) and never received it since 8 months ago. Hopefully there's some reissue. Can't wait to have the two Maverick Hunter finally together and the X2 armor!

    1. Kotobukiya is reissuing Zero in January, and you can pre-order directly from Kotobukiya right now.

  3. BigBadToystore has the Premium Finish X for pre-order too.

    1. Sorry, somehow the streams got crossed on that one.

    2. I'll do you one better: has this in stock right now for $65.99.

      Pre-ordering stuff like this from BBTS means it will probably arrive ... next year.

      I've ordered a bunch of stuff from HLJ and canceled BBTS orders because it's actually going to be faster and cheaper overall.

  4. They look nice, but I'm no good at kits. Plus they're fragile and overpriced which is frustrating. I'd rather have a good ol kid's toy then something expensive that falls apart if I so much as breathe on it. Let alone try to pose it.


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