Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - Bass.EXE Joins Operation X-mas

The second week of the Rockman EXE event is underway and The Cyberworld's "God of Destruction" has arrived to Rockman X DiVE while the Christmas festivities begin this week. Find all the info after the break!

The Bass banner, which shares space with MegaMan.EXE and the S rank weapon "Turbo Cannon", is already live through December 9 at 08:59 (UTC+8). 

If you are lucky enough to draw Bass.EXE during the duration of the banner, you will receive memories of the "Turbo Cannon" based on the character rank. The more you rank him, the more memories you will get at the end of the event!

  • 0 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X10
  • 1 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X20
  • 2 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X30
  • 3 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X40
  • 4 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X50
  • 5 star 【Turbo Cannon Memory】X60

Bass will grant you +40% bonus points/damage dealt in the Network Guardian event. Just like in the past with other characters, Bass' voice is not available due COVID-19. His voice will added in the future.

Air Burst

Unleash a forward sweeping attack that deals damage equal to 133.33% of attack to all targets in range.

  • Range Increase: Increase Range by 25%.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Intensive Blast: Focuses the range of the burst attack to make it easier to cause multiple damages.


Summon an enemy-seeking glowing orb that ignores terrain and deals damage equal to 144.00% of attack to the target.

  • Flight Assistance Device: Range and flight speed increased by 10%.
  • Ammunition expansion: Increase in the number of shots by 1.
  • Boosted Shot: Changes the attack to an area attack with enhanced tracking.

Passive Skills

Mobility: The preparation time of Air Burst is reduced by 20%.

Get Ability Program I: When your HP drops below 30%, recover 20% HP and gain damage enhance status. This skill will only be activated once per stage.

Explosion Evolved: When the glowing orb dissipates, it will release 4 laser beams to damage all targets in their paths.

Get Ability Program II: When hitting a target, there's chance to gain a random buff. This effect can only be triggered once more after 6 seconds.

Life Aura: When using a skill, gain a shield that can withstand 100%  attack damage. This effect can only be triggered once more after a 10-second cooldown.


The "Request from Eddie" event is back and lasts until December 9 at 15:59 (UTC+8). 

Same deal as before; we can exchange armor parts for "Eddie's Zenny Buckets" or "Compound Energy Storage Boxes". It provides another use for the countless armor parts that are essentially useless to veteran players, who only use high-level armor parts to craft their armor.

25 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket I - 30,000 to 75,000 Zenny
40 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket II - 48,000 to 120,000 Zenny
60 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket III - 72,000 to 180,000 Zenny

25 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box I - 160 to 400 Compound Energy 
40 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box II - 256 to 640 Compound Energy 
60 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box III - 384 to 960 Compound Energy 

The Network Guardian event has a new set of missions to complete. You will be asked to complete the event stage in all the difficulties available plus other general missions like "Conduct Research 3 Times" or "[Daily] Accumulate 2500 Event Coupons". 

New levels for the Jakob Orbital Elevator are available today. Levels 71 to 75 for challenge mode. 

The event Clear the Jakob within the Time Limit has been updated with new missions that will give you various items to level up and rank up your cards: a card pack, some EM and the new card Gravity Beetle. The event ends on December 8 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

The Christmas festivities start early in Rockman X DiVE. The Farewell 2020 event is underway and the RiCO's Christmas Capsule is available.

From today through December 9 at 15:50 (UTC+8) the week 1 of the event Operation X'mas Present is live. Here you will have to complete missions such as "research 25 times", "complete Boss Challenge 42 times" and "defeat 1000 Mavericks" to get rewards such us "Christmas Giftboxes", "Christmas Activation Cards" and "Card EXP Program IV".

Upon login you will receive 11 free "Christmas Activation Cards" that will let you activate RiCO's Christmas Capsule. From here, you can do one 10-pull draw and if you manage to draw 10-pulls ten times, you will "break" the limit" of the banner which will increase the odds to draw S rank characters and weapons. 

You can purchase activation cards in the shop (one for 90 EM and 10 for 800 EM), you can get some from missions and you will get one card for free everyday in your in-game mail until January 06, 2021. On top of that you will also get one Christmas Giftbox everyday.

The banner is available until January 10, 2021.

The following cards have been added to the Arena and Co-op token store.


  • Big Bang Strike
  • Proto Shield


  • Super Mega Man
  • Supporting Beat
  • Roll
  • Supporting Eddie

For information about bug fixes and new items added to the store, check the official site.

And that's all for this week. With the Christmas event starting in the middle of the month, it's likely next week the DiVE Festival will take place. Stay tuned to the blog and social media this weekend for a likely tease!


  1. Well, I somehow pulled Bass.EXE, so it's basically a Christmas miracle. He's pretty neat, good luck everyone.

    And on that, they are doing a lot for December, eh?


    1. It's always possible given Zero's popularity, but while it was MMX Zero, we got a White day Zero and festive Zero already. They might use they might use a character who haven't gotten hollidays variant in any forms(Axl, Ferham, The various non-MMX characters except Aile and Roll).
      It's possible that they use a costume or outfit from one of the various official illustrations made over the years. (Like the reindeer X). If Star Force was already in, i would have placed my bet on Santa Misora.

  3. We're in december, that is the month of Xmas, but not just that.
    It's also the month of the anniversary of Mega Man X and the anniversary of the franchise as a whole (and legend and Star Force as well, but that might be less relevant to Xdive). I wonder if there will be something for it.

    1. I wonder what a anniversary skin would looks like.

  4. 8100 EM for Bass and nothing...will likely quit when the year is up. If this wasn't the case every time I summon it'd be okay but it usually is


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