Monday, February 22, 2021

Rockman X DiVE's 9th DiVE Festival Brings "Bass.EXE GS" and New Raid Boss

The second DiVE Festival of the year (9th overall) begins this Wednsday and it brings us a new version of Bass.EXE: Bass.EXE GS. You might remember him from Rockman EXE 3 when he fused with the multi-bug organism Gospel. What's more, the update also includes the first Raid Boss of the year: Final Sigma W. You can find all the details after the break!

Starting this Wednesday, we will be able to fight "Final Sigma W" who was the final boss in Rockman X5. If you have Zero, Valentine's Day Ciel or Valentine's Day Iris, you will deal an extra 20% damage. With Bass.EXE GS, it's an extra 40% damage. The main rewards for the event are Sigma memories and the Hear of Gold weapon.

It hasn't event been a full three months since Bass.EXE debuted in the game but now, a new version awaits. Bass.EXE GS' active skills are Gospel Cannon, which charges forward while shooting flames and Vanishing World -- a powerful beam that deals damage to all targets in range and deals one-time damage to all targets on-screen.

Lastly, one of his passive skills grant players a chance to gain a random buff. 

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  1. So Super Adapter Bass has a Battle network counterpart afterall. All this time, I thought this was just "Bass using a Treble/Gospel weapon". Guess I accepted Falzar beast out as Bass.exe's one true transformation for nothing.

  2. Ooo, I like how they made Sigma more dynamic. A little Brock Sampson eye twitching. Now put it into an X5 remaster and all will be swell.


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