Thursday, September 10, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - The Eve of the "Fireworks and Lantern Festival"

We are in the middle of the Rockman ZX event and while there are no new characters scheduled for week two, this week's update acts as a precursor to the next event and delivers a new weapon and other content. Find all the details after the break!

This week's banner bring us the limited weapon Destructive Laser or as the development team calls it, "Copy X prototype weapon".

The banner starts today and last until September 17 at 15:59 UTC +8 and will yield a guaranteed S rank weapon in the 1st, 3rd and 5th draw of a 10-pull. This weapon also gives you a +40% points/damage dealt in the "Messiah" event.

Check out the trailer and weapon skills below!

  • Target Lock: After hitting, lock the target and add 23.75% attack damage when hitting the target with the same attack.
  • CRID Increase: CRID is increased by 9 when using this weapon.
  • Split: Upon hitting the target, the shot has a chance of splitting into three rounds, each round can cause 19% to the target.
  • Rapid Reload: Reduce loading time by 20% and increase flight speed by 20%.
  • Precision Targeting: Increases the effect of Lock by 35%.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.

The next Rockman X DiVE event will be based on a Japanese traditional "night festival" and will bring a new character, a character skin, a stage decorated with the signature elements of this kind of festivals like fireworks and lanterns and of course a boss themed accordingly with the event (see image above). While we wait for the Fireworks and Lantern Festival to begin, some related events have already started.

From today and until September 16 at 22:00 (UTC+8) the "Pre-Festival Night Challenge" will be running which consist in the following missions:

  • [Daily]Complete Race Mode 2 Time - Party coin x2
  • [Daily] Correct 30 irregular data - Party coin x1
  • [Daily] Correct 60 irregular data - Party coin x1
  • [Daily] Correct 90 irregular data - Party coin x2
  • [Daily] Correct 120 irregular data - Party coin x4
  • [Milestone] Correct 1000 irregular data - Party coin x10
  • [Milestone] Correct 1500 irregular data - Party coin x20

The missions will yield 100 "party coins" that later you can spend in the store, more on that later.

Starting today and until October 14 at 15:59 (UTC+8) the "Mid-Summer Night Party Capsule" will let players draw a FREE 10-pull each day with a guarantee S rank memory in the 10th pull. But that's not all -- the banner will also give us 10 "party coins" each day!

350 pulls, 35 guarantee S rank memories and 350 party coins for free, this is one of the most generous offerings the dev team has given us... but there is a catch. The guaranteed S rank memories will give you one memory as opposed to a full character or weapon like the other gacha banners. To make it worse, the banner also mixes characters and weapons with normal items.

Not all that glitters is gold but this is still a sweet deal because the "party coins" will give you a full S rank character. These include Ferham, Sigma or Second Armor X. Below you can see what you can purchase with the "party coins".

According to the update notes, by the end of the event we will have 690 "party coins", plan carefully what you are going to buy.

The Weapon Development Challenge and the Roulette are back until September 22 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

By completing development challenges focused in the following weapons: Pyro Executioner, Sniper Buster, Crushing Spray Gun, High-Speed Rifle and Military Buster you can get tokens that later you can use to spin the roulette. Each spin cost 3 token and the best rewards are a ticket for a special weapon banner and a weapon memory supply box III.

Each day you can get 3 free tokens and some more by reaching the required level in the weapon gallery.

The  Jakob Orbital Elevator is back with new levels. Levels 51 to 55 for normal and hard mode and levels 41 to 45 for challenge mode.

On level 55 you will be fighting  Magma Dragoon that will yield 10 memories of his chip

New missions have been added for the Messiah event, the usual milestones for completing all the difficulty levels and daily missions like "complete co-op 3 times", "accumulate 2500 event coupons" and more.

You can check here if you want to know what memories have been added to the store and a few other small bits of info.


We are just getting started with the Festival Event, below you can read the list of events that are expected to happen. The first two are taking place right now.

  1. Draw Mid-Summer Night Party Capsule Everyday
  2. Pre-Festival Night Challenge
  3. Let’s Party Right Now
  4. Fireworks and Lantern Festival
  5. Festival Treats for the Loyal Players
  6. Beat the Troublemaker
  7. Semi Anniversary
  1. Post-Festival Night [Coming Soon]
Looks like this event might keep up us busy for the rest of the month and October is likely to have a Halloween event. Let's us know in the comments your ideas for characters and Halloween-themed skins!


  1. I didn't even consider a Halloween event, but that's the perfect time to bring in Berkana!

    1. Berkana, Shade Man, Skull Man, Prometheus, there are alot of thematic options that I hope they utilize.

    2. I mentioned earlier, Halloween would be a good ocasion to bring in Berkana, and that weird absolute Zero with bat-wings from command mission.

    3. Yeah but he said Berkana because it makes the most sense considering she a waifu...

  2. they just leaked bass. Look at the arms of the robot in the redesigned REX2000. He has bass’s arms along with his colour palette, aside from the mask.
    But there is a “Beat the troublemaker” event coming soon.....


    1. If that is indeed the case, remember that it was never confirmed nor even implied that Boss characters cannot be made playable later down the line.

    2. He is wearing a Kimono, though. Would'nt it be strange to add a character in a variant costume before including the base version?
      Of course, it's possible the kimono is there for the same reason as the mask, hiding that it's him.

  3. Palette is on the illustration. Maybe that means there will be a Yukata wearing Palette for the next event. Would make sense since she was not part of the previous summer event.

    1. oh uhhh that image was photoshopped

    2. Anon2, i had noticed thanks. What i meant is if they chose to put Palette instead of any other character, it might be to tease that one of the thing this event will bring is a new Palette.

    3. Actually she does get one as a skin

  4. I hope there will be a skin of X with a yukata. He would look cute.

  5. It would be nice to have the characters dressed up as other capcom characters during the Halloween event


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