Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rock Volnutt and Tron Bonne Join Rockman X DiVE

Yesterday brought the announcement, and today we have the trailer detailing the brand-new Rockman DASH event in Rockman X DiVE. You can watch the trailer and all the info available after the break!

The Rockman DASH event and the "Air Pirate Servbot" event stage starts on September 29th at 16:00 (UTC +8) and last until October 14 at 15:59 (UTC +8).

This event will bring Rock Volnutt as a free A rank character via the event stage. He is equipped with skills Shinning Laser, which shoots a laser beam that deals damage continuously to all the targets in range, and  Crusher which deals damage to all targets in range and will continue dealing damage at the point of impact.

He will grant you +20% bonus points and damage dealt in the event stage too.

Tron Bonne is an S rank character only obtainable via the gacha banner which also comes with the S rank weapon "Heart of Gold".

Tron's skills are the Gustaff which allows Tron to pilot the Gustaff and withstand a certain amount of damage while she pilots it. While riding the armor, she uses the Bonne Bazooka and the Beacon Bomb skills. The Gustaff will disappear after the durability meter is depleted, pretty much like what Model ZX does with Aile.

And her second skills is the Lunch Rush which launches an small army of Servbots forward to damage the targets in their way.

She will grant you +40% bonus points and damage dealt in the event stage too.

The boss for this event is a giant Servbot with four small Servbot companions. Maybe not the boss most people were expecting, but it fits the theme of the stage perfectly as it is a treasure hunt between Volnutt and Tron Bonne. Perhaps the boss next time will be Juno. We can only hope.

And speaking of the stage, it uses the Deep Forest stage as a base, conveniently repurposed as a mine from the DASH series. It even features the famous trash cans you knock down to find hidden elements.

If you watch the trailer closely, you will notice that both characters can dash like the characters from the classic series and that's pretty much it until the event hits the game this Tuesday.

Let us know what you think!


  1. Yep, called it. Tron Bonne is the other character. And it's nice to she she's a character that can transform mid battle. Wish Volnutt was a character that transformed mid battle so he could wear his helmet.

    Speaking of characters that can transform mid battle, if we never get Classic Bass, then I think the Mega Man Battle Network characters we get should be Megaman.exe and Bass.exe and they could use Gregar beast out and Falzar beast out respectively. So much variety.

    1. 99% sure that Bass wilk be added someday. Nothing tell us that there won't be more than one event per Mega Man serie (everything points to the oposite, actually). And he is the most obvious choice for a eventual 2nd Classic Mega Man event.

      As for Exe, it will probably be Megaman.exe, Protoman.exe and maybe Roll. With Bass kept for a later event.
      Same for the cybeast, the Xdive team seems to operate with a idea of chronology, so the first Mega Man.exe we'll get would likely use skills based on the first or second game, like Program Advance. With cybeast Mega Man diving in much later.

    2. All fantastic points. Gustaff and Model ZX define who Tron Bonne and Aile are. Megaman.exe didn't get fusion forms until latter.

    3. I am 100% positive if Bass becomes playable, Treble Boost Bass will be his own character, like Super Mega Man, and not a transformation.

  2. Credits where it's due: the tron presentation/intro animation is perfect.

  3. Volnutt looks amazing! This game is almost like a smaller scale Smash Bros. for the Mega Man franchise. Each new character showcase (playable or boss) delivers and leaves me wanting to see what they'll do next and with who!

    We all knew that S rank character was Tron, but it is still good to see her. I can't wait to see her and the servbots bring their usual shenanigans to the Dive table.

  4. I see the gustaff, I'm happy. Simple as that.
    Their 3d models are pretty nice.

  5. Only today did i realise that Volnutt Japanese voice is the person who voice Krillin and Luffy. It's pretty cool, i think.

  6. awesome!!! this brought a smile to my face as legends is one of my favorites(2nd with classic 1st and x 3rd and starting to try zx & zero.:3)

    really hope at some point we get a full console game with a fun story tying it as this is what i wished rockman online was.(and find interesting that this is kinda a spiritual successor to it.wonder if a future interview will bring that up.)

  7. that intro animation of tron bonne falling out of the gustaff only to be helped up by her good children servbots before doing her mvc2 artwork pose was cute. :3


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