Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Rockman DASH Series is Coming to Rockman X DiVE

Announced via social media today, the Rockman DASH series is coming to Rockman X DiVE! Content from the DASH series could arrive as soon as next Tuesday, based on how the development team made similar announcements in the past.

While there's no additional details about the event beyond the announcement itself, you can expect to see an A rank character obtainable by playing the event stage. In this particular case, that character would be none other than Rock Volnutt. There will be a secondary, S rank character obtainable exclusively through the event banner, too, and an S rank weapon as well.

Who is going to be the second playable character? Perhaps Roll Caskett or Tron Bonne? Let's us know who you're wishing for in the comments!


  1. ...really got my hopes up for a moment

  2. I'm pretty sure we'll get Kobun as playable character.

    That will have a rank higher than a freaking Rockman Trigger XD

  3. *Obligatory bring back Mega Man Legends 3 comment*

    As for the S rank character, as much as I would like it to be Roll Caskett, Tron Bonne has been in many crossovers, and it would be nice to have her AND the real protagonist be in a crossover game together.

  4. The main is neccesarly going to be Volnutt.
    For the 2nd one, i don't have a preference since i like most Dash characters, but it will probably be Tron.
    I bet Juno will be the boss.

  5. I'm abour 75% sure S rank character would be Tron Bonne.

  6. bring back Mega Man Legends 3

  7. I got excited there for a second but this is neat regardless.

  8. Based on waifu trends and her playable track record, the S rank character is almost certainly going to be Tron Bonne.

    Volnutt is quite possibly my favorite character design in the entire Mega Man franchise! I love both his MML1 and MML2 designs though I have a preference for the latter. Still, I can't wait to see which version of him they'll use!

  9. Incredible!. This event is interesting.


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