Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Rockman X DiVE Officially Announced for Japan

As we reported yesterday, Rockman X DiVE is finally coming to Japan this year. And today, Capcom Japan made the official announcement. Find all the info after the break!

The pre-registration period is already open in the iOS store and Google Play and as it happened when Capcom Taiwan opened pre-registrations, in-game rewards will be unlocked the more people pre-register.

  • 10,000 - Weapon Supply Box I x6
  • 20,000 - Character Supply Box I x6
  • 30,000 - Lucky Box I x6
  • 40,000 - Special Gift Box x6
  • 50,000 - ZX Saber Memories x30
  • 60,000 - Zero Memories x30
  • 60,000 - Muramasa Memories x40

What's more, twenty units of Rockman X DiVE Original Wireless Headphones (X Model) will be raffled among those who follow the newly open Rockman X DiVE Japanese Official Twitter account.

As expected, Capcom Japan is going to handle the game in their region. Capcom Japan's very own mobile division will be in charge of marketing and promoting the game via a brand new Official Website and Twitter account specially dedicated to the Japanese market. As you may know, Ucchy-san of Rockman-Unity is usually the person that gives face to the PR team behind Rockman games. However, for this occasion, he will have a reduced role.

And speaking of Rockman-Unity, we learned from them that most of the artwork for the game is drawn by the female staff from Capcom Taiwan and not solely Keisuke Mizuno. If you want to learn more about Keisuke Mizuno's involvement with the game, I recommend you to read this interview.

The Japanese version of the game will be a separated version compared to what Capcom Taiwan released six months ago. It will start with plenty of content already unlocked, too. Players won't have to wait months on their end for additional story chapters or different levels of armor.

Because this is an entirely new version of X DiVE, player accounts are NOT cross compatible. In other words, player accounts creating on Capcom Taiwan's version of the game can't be transfered over to the Japanese version of the game. We can assume this will apply to (eventual) North America and Europe versions as well.

It remains to be seen just how Capcom Japan will handle the game and what involvement they will have when it comes to quality assurance; an area that Capcom Taiwan has been sorely lacking.

What is known, however, is that the mobile team in Osaka has been helping Capcom Taiwan from the beginning. With Rockman X DiVE finally planned for release on their home turf, we can expect the Osaka team to be more directly involved in both development and, hopefully, quality as Capcom Taiwan's build is likely not up to par for the Japanese market.

Anyway, all this good news cause fans in Japan to take to social media early to express their gratitude now that the game is finally hitting their shores. They even made X DiVE trend for a few hours and the Japanese gaming media are also covering the announcement extensively.

Furthermore, the official Twitter account has achieved over 13,000 followers at the time of this writing. That's something that Capcom Taiwan couldn't manage in six months. The game is off to a good start in the land of the rising sun.


  1. so should I play the Taiwan version or Japanese version

    1. Try waiting for a North American / English release. Otherwise, maybe try emulating the Japanese version through Bluestacks. Since it's being partially rebuilt for the Japanese release, it might be a bit more stable and less prone to crashing.

    2. I’m Australian so I can already play the game

  2. So where is the West/East version???

  3. Make sense to not be able to import accounts. The game would have been full of people who have beaten events and bosses not yet implemented and already have maxed character.

  4. Good but touchscreen? I tried it and it is fun but touchscreen is uncomfortable with this game.

  5. Who is the female artist, by most do you mean the items and icons that look dissonant to Keiske's style? If not what was "most of the art"?

    1. It says: "female staff," which likely means more than one woman. Keisuke Mizuno oversees a team of artists who are instructed to draw in his style.

      Think of it like an animated TV show, as in The Simpsons, Adventure Time, or an animated film; the whole thing is not drawn by a single person, but is instead drawn by a team of people who are trained to draw in the style of a particular person. That "main artist" takes credit for the art because they came up with and oversaw the design, but other people made it. This happens all over the art world, with hired musicians on "solo" albums, or apprentice craftspeople who work for an artist's studio; Dale Chihuly doesn't blow all his own glass sculptures, but they all have his name on them.

      If you want to know their names: they are probably credited in the game.

    2. There are many artwork in the game that does not imitate Keisuke's art style(ITEMS / ICONS). I am asking are they talking about those which make up the bulk of the art for X Dive or are they talking about the ones that do look like Keisuke's artstyle like the character and boss main illustrations.

  6. I mean, this is nice, and all… It certainly seems encouraging! But… until it releases in the US, I can't really get really excited. Heh heh.

    I really hope this doesn't turn into another Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls situation, in the end…

  7. Wow, so exciting and gets me pumped for the US release!!! I play the Taiwanese version but now I want the Japanese one as well. :)

  8. Huh, was under the impression that the Japanese version was already out in Japan. Well, good to know either way.


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