Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - Content Update and Imminent Japanese Release

We are still in the middle of the "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" event but that doesn't stop the Rockman X DiVE development team from dropping a pretty big content update this week. There's new bosses, a new banner, a celebration of X DiVE's half year anniversary and much more!

All the info after the break!

This content update comes earlier than usual. Until now, Thursday was the chosen day for updates and maintenance. However, this week's content update is already available and next week's content update will also arrive on Tuesday. It appears they might move the day of the week for coming updates.

The "Limited Capsule for the Post-Launch (half year) Party" is available starting today until September 29 at 15:59 (UTC+8). It's based on the results from the Popularity Battle Poll.

To commemorate the first six months of Rockman X DiVE's availability, you can draw one time for the banner for free each day. This banner gives you x5 chances to draw Ultimate Armor X and the Explosive Blower.

The banner "S & A Rank ONLY" is also back until September 29 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

Chapter 11 for the Story Mode is now available, too. It takes place in the Old Field and the boss is Byte from Mega Man X3. Chapter 9: The Cyberspace stage is now available to play in hard mode as well.

The level Cap has been increased to 110 and with that, we can craft a new armor and level up weapons and chips.

A new DiVE Trigger has been added: Perfect Protection Program which gives you invulnerability that protects you from all kind of damage for 2 or more seconds.

Magma Dragoon and Shurikein has been added to the Boss Challenge Mode. You can fight Magma Dragoon at level 100 and Shurikein at level 105. You will be fighting Shurikein in Story Mode 11-3 and level 58 of the Jakob Orbital Elevator too.

We got 10 memories of Magma Dragoon chip in level 55 of Jakob Orbital Elevator. But now, thanks to his addition to Boss Challenge, we can get the rest to unlock the chip. It fires round flames that inflict burning status.

Boss Rush is also back for another round. This time the bosses are Storm Eagle, Toxic Seahorse and RT-55J. The main attraction are memories for the "Destroyer" launcher but you can also get many other rewards from the offline and online rewards list.

By accumulating the following amount of points, you can also get extra rewards:

  • Reach 10000 score to get【Weapon Memory Supply Box III x1】& 【High-level Armor Parts x10】
  • Reach 15000 score to get【Weapon Memory Supply Box III x3】& 【High-level Armor Parts x20】
  • Reach 20000 score to get【Weapon Memory Supply Box III x5】& 【High-level Armor Parts x40】

The Jakob Orbital Elevator is back with levels 56 to 60 for normal and hard mode and levels 46 to 50 for challenge mode. The boss for level 60 is a dual battle against Bit and Bospider.

Upon entering the game, you will receive some rewards. First is 100 EM, which is compensation for the maintenance period this morning that was extended by one hour. The other rewards is part of the post-launch event.

Additionally, another backup slot can be unlocked if you are player level 70. What's more, the development team will remove the ability to purchase Zenny with EM on September 29.

If you are interested in the items and EM packs added to the game today, you can read about them here


Early this morning, it was discovered that Rockman X DiVE is readily available for pre-order on the Japanese iOS store and Google Play Store.
It's expected to release on October 31, although that could be a tentative date. Furthermore, Capcom Japan has a trailer hidden on their YouTube channel and an official website and twitter account prepared for when the game is announced, too.

It is very likely that the Japanese version of Rockman X DiVE will officially be announced during TGS this week, if not sooner because the trailer was leaked. By the look of things, Capcom Japan will be handling the marketing in their region and perhaps other aspects of the game.

We can only hope this is the beginning of the game reaching additional key regions, like North America and Europe.

There is a lot of content to play this week. Take your time to enjoy it and come back to tell us what you think in the comments!


  1. Bet dollars to donuts if it gets released in the US, it's gonna get canned in less than two years like what happened with Magia Record.

    1. Whatever happens, it's too little, too late.
      Their over priced digital slot machine isn't going on my phone, the last place I want to play games anyway.
      I'll keep looking at the art. That's all I care about.

    2. That depend. Mega man is generally more popular in the US (and Latin America, somehow), so maybe there is a audience.
      On the other hand, mobile game aside from iddle games, are not too popular in the west, especially gacha games.

    3. Well FFRK, Brave Exvius and such are doing well in the West and they started in the last few years. FFRK alone should be on or past it's 4th anniversary by now.

    4. Yeah the lack of popularity for most mobile gacha games means it wouldn't have great prospects, I feel.

    5. Theses kind of game can work on the west if they're based on something mainstream, like Pokemon, or Final Fantasy. I'm not sure if Mega Man currently have enough weight. I sure hope it does.

  2. i think japanese people are too pissed of the taiwan server and how they handle the game thats why they try to distance themselves. and make their own server. i cant blame them tho. because the game is clustered with a lot of bugs, lags and unfair gacha rate, and also mismanaging of the game. my honest opinion only.

    1. I don't think it's that. If they put the JP server with the Taiwanese one that have been going for 6 month, this is going to be unfair for the new player.
      And it's common for theses kind of games to have different servers for different regions.
      Does'nt mean the TW servers did not have issues,
      but i'm pretty sure it was planned like this from the start.

  3. Nice. we'll get to see how they do things with the Japanese version for the previousely released content.

  4. I have seen people talking about it in the japanese side of twitter yesterday.
    How well this game fare in Japan could be decisive about it's future.

  5. The only positive thing I take away from this is that there might be modest Mega Man news at TGS. Still am not holding my breath.

  6. Considering how popular mobile games can get in Japan, this is a good oportunity for Rockman to increase it's popularity in it's home country.


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