Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - "Yukata Pallette" and "Festive Zero" Join the Fireworks and Lantern Festival

Today, the Rockman X DiVE team delivered a special trailer that breaks down on the "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" event which starts this Thursday. You can find the trailer and all the info after the break!

The "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" starts this Thursday at 16:00 and ends on September 29 at 15:59 (UTC +8). As we reported before, "Festive Zero" (S rank) will be the main attraction of the event banner and will be accompanied by S rank weapon "Cannon god". What's more, Pallette is getting a new skin called "Yukata Pallette." Additionally, via the rewards list of the event, we can get the A rank weapon "Festive Specialty".

Festive Zero will grant you +40% bonus points/damage deal in this event and in the case of "Festive Specialty" it will be +20%.

Although they didn't disclose the method to obtain Pallette's skin, these type of skin -- like Marino's Quicksilver skin -- have been free and obtained via the event reward list. However, in this particular case, they are advertising "Festive Specialty" as the main reward for the event.

Come back on Thursday for all the details! And don't forget to drop us a comment about both characters and that delicious weapon in the comments!


  1. Pallette getting a skin makes up for Zero getting ANOTHER variant while X still gets nothing, why does it feel like i'm the only one who wants X to get something like this?

    1. X had the command mission skin

      I don't know what it really is called. I've seen it called "New Armor" which I am not sure is official or not. I like to call it Stealth X.

    2. You're not the only one, I also want skins for X.

    3. Everyone wants more X, but they put in 4 armors and one Skin for X in the first 3 month or so. Then realised they add to slow down an started adding Zeros.
      With this one, they both have 5 characters and one skin.
      They should release one of each regularly instead.

    4. What are you talking about?

      X (and C.M. X skin) | Zero (& W.D. Zero skin)
      First Armor X | Black Zero
      Second Armor X | Awakened Zero
      Ultimate Armor X | Zero (Z)
      Ulti. Armor X (CM) | Festive Zero

      Now they got even, but wait till X gets his many other armors (X3-X8, CM), skins (like the X6 and X Challenge Ultimate Armors) and alts like Ver.Ke X, Cyber-elf X, iX, ...
      Excluding original content, what is left for Zero? His X1/MHX body, "Red Maverick" (X4 flashback, which is basically a "Half-Awakened Zero"), Absolute Zero, skins for Black Zero (has alt colors), Ver.Ke Zero, and his Mega Mission armors (and scrapped X4 armor). And also Omega, ViA, and Nichts to some extend.
      Unless you include colors as skins, like MMZ2's form system and his fighting game alts.
      But X could also get 80+ colors just from his Special Weapon...

      (Axl stares sadly in the corner as, excluding his ability to copy others, only has White Axl, with Vile laughing of him as he has more: X1, X3, X8, SFxAC and spiked ball arm)

  2. This would be the first time I think that Palette looks good.

  3. As much as I don't care for Zero, it's nice to see him smile for once.

  4. Once again, a really cute costume is ruined by giving a big-footed character itty-bitty limbs. Hrmph.

    Other than that, I really like everything about this update – especially the squid weapon and the Spiky enemies with Oni masks! Very festive!

  5. I like that new costume for Palette.
    And Zero looks cool. Makes sense to chose him for a traditional japanese event since he have some samurai elements.

  6. nobody cares for axl...


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