Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" Event Breakdown

The Rockman ZX event just ended but there's no downtime here! A brand-new event started today after the warm up that was the Pre-Festival Night Challenge. We've got a new character, a skin, two weapons and a few more things to play with. You can find all the info after the break!

First let's start with "Festive Zero" skills. The golden boy comes equipped with Hyouryuushou (Ice Dragon Rise), a skill Zero obtain after defeating Avalanche Yeti in Mega Man X8. He also has Souenbu (Twin Swallow Dance), a skill that Zero learns after defeating Wind Crowrang in Mega Man X7.

You can see both skills in motion here.


Converts energy into frost in an upward spiraling attack, causing 150% damage to targets along the path and Slow.

  • Preventive Shield:Gain a preventive shield when you use this skill to protect you from all negative status.
  • Show Time: Reduces damage taken by half when using the skill.
  • Restriction Off: When hitting the target, there is a chance to use the Hyouryuushou again.


Launch a fan to deal 100% damage to all targets in its path. Once the fan penetrates a target, its damage will reduced to 25% and it will return to your location after traveling specific distance.

  • Harden: Increase damage by 40% after penetration.
  • Ammunition expansion: Increase in the number of shots by 1.
  • Complete penetration: Increase range by 15% ; your shots will now go through landscapes and obstacles.

Passive Skills

Mobility: The preparation time of Hyouryuushou is reduced by 20%.

Power Increase: Increase the damage rate of Souenbu by 5%.

Melee Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

Target Lock: Locks on a target that has been hit by Souenbu; when the target is hit again by Souenbu, the attack will deal additional 37.5% damage.

Peak of Fervor: When below 50% HP, increase damage by 20%.

The "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" banner starts today and ends on September 29 at 15:59 (UTC +8) and comes with the S Rank launcher "Cannon God" which main features are its ability to penetrate targets, landscapes and barriers plus adding a large hit box to your shots.

The event stage takes place in the Deep Forest area and is probably one of the most visually stunning stages the game has had till now.

The stage is filled with bright lanterns and fireworks. You'll be climbing trees until you reach the boss room while fighting enemies dressed accordingly for such an event. As for the rest, it's the usual business: you have to finish the stage and do it with more than 30% of health and get the 4 hidden purple elements to get the three stars and with that, the maximum amount of coupons.

Below you can see the list of characters and weapons that yield more bonus and the list of rewards you can get by exchanging coupons. As you can see, this time the saber "Festive Specialty" is the main attraction.

Due to some bugs, the development team are compensating players that own Zero(Z) and/or Proto Man with 10 memories of each character plus 1500 coupons for the already finished "Messiah" even. This is all due to a bug that prevented players from finishing the stage after using a "continue".

This week's update also brought a new skin: "Yukata Pallette". The method to obtain this skin is not exactly as it was with previous skins like "White Day Zero", "Marino Quicksilver" or "Swimsuit Alia". This new skin is more akin to "Swimsuit Layer" recolors, you have to buy it using in-game currency as opposed to getting it for free by participating in an event.

"Yukata Pallette" cost 800 EM during the festival and 1200 EM after the festival.

Although this is not cheap (and we're accustom to getting skins for free), via the event "Festival Treats for the Loyal Players" you may end up getting "Yukata Pallette" for free or nearly free thanks to the 12 EM boxes you will be getting (one per day during 12 days). When it comes to the skin price, this could set a precedent for the future, so we will have to keep an eye on how things develop moving forward.

Don't forget to retweet this tweet and leave your player ID on this Facebook post before September 20 12:00(UTC+8) to get extra rewards, too!

And that's all for this week. While the "Fireworks and Lantern Festival" continues next week, there are a few events coming to the game related to the "Mid-Summer Night Party": "Beat the Troublemaker", "Semi Anniversary" and later the "Post-Festival Night" event that will let us gain 180 party coins.

Lastly if you want to check the items added to the store, you can view them here.

Let's us know in the comments what you think of the event stage and tell us if you had any luck in the gacha banner!


  1. Calling the Yukata Palette a "recolor" seems like an insult to the modeler when it's clearly not. You might as well call the Festival Zero a recolor of White Day Zero, just look at his armor.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Some words got mixed when the article was getting a revision. It was not my intention to call "Yukata Pallette" a recolor. Is changed now. Thanks for the "constructive criticism"


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