Thursday, September 3, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - The Messiah Has Arrived

Since day one, Rockman X DiVE featured some elements from the ZX Series. And now, five months after launch, the first characters from the series have joined the game. Find all the details about this new event below!

First, let's look at Aile and Pandora's skills.


Transform into MODEL ZX and you will be invincible during the transformation and gain access to ZX Buster and ZX Saber. Your Biometal Energy will decrease gradually as long as the transformation is active and once it runs out, the transformation will end.

  • Power Increase: When you reach maximum charge level for ZX Buster, the damage rate increases by 10%.
  • Charged Penetration: "When you reach maximum charge level for ZX Buster, the primary shot will go penetrate one additional target and the damage after penetration will be reduced to 25% with 15% increase in distance.
  • Heroes of the Past:When activating the skill, recover 20 Biometal Energy.


Resonate with Biometal to gain enhanced damage and replenish Biometal Energy by 35.

  • Heroic Fighting Spirit: Increases the effect of damage enhancement by 20%.
  • Enhanced Resonation: Increase the replenishment of Biometal Energy by 20%.
  • Biomatch: Increase the natural recovery speed of Biometal Energy by 40%.

Passive Skills:

Accelerate Charge: Reduce the time needed to charge ZX Buster to maximum level by 25%.

Power Increase: Increases the damage rate of the ZX Saber by 5%.

Soul Protection: Reduce the damage you receive by 15% when your Biometal Energy is at 50% or lower.

Soul Reverberation: Increase damage you deal by 15% when your Biometal Energy is at 50% or higher.

Ice Doll

Summon an Ice Doll that bounce along the ground, dealing 174,60% damage to targets along its path and cause Slow; after penetration, its damage will be reduced to 50%.

  • Chill: The duration of the Slow is increased by 30%.
  • Harden: Increase damage by 40% after penetration.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.

Homing Plasma

Summons a plasma ball with homing effect, dealing 229,50% damage to target when hit and render it immobile.

  • Positioning System: Enhance homing performance.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.

Passive Skills

Range Increase: Increase Range of Ice Doll by 25%.

Range Increase: Increase Range of Homing Plasma by 25%.

First Movement: Summons Ice Doll and funnel at the same time. The funnel will shoot ice shots at the target automatically to deal damage. Funnels will disappear after attacking 6 times or after 6 seconds.

Second Movement: Summons Homing Plasma and funnel at the same time. The funnel will shoot lightning shots at the target automatically to deal damage.  Funnels will disappear after attacking 6 times or after 6 seconds.

Dance of Magic Wand: Renders invulnerability when you use this skill.

The Rockman ZX gacha banner lasts until September 17 at 09:59 UTC +8. This banner also brings a new weapon called "Pyro Executioner".


Upon login, you will recieve the Mega Man ZX event sign-in reward, 20 EM for a total of 440 EM after you login during 14 days. You will get 100 EM too as a compensation for an issue that occurred during the end of the Boss Raid event. What's more, new achievements have been added to the mission tab. You'll probably complete some right away, meaning more EM added to your pocket.

The "Messiah" event starts today and last until September 16 at 16:00 UTC +8. The event takes place in the Oil Field stage and it works as it did in previous events like the Mega Man Classic or the Zero Series event.

Basically, you challenge the stage to get coupons that can later be used to unlock rewards in a list divided in five phases. When you unlock the best reward, you can move to the next phase or stay and keep unlocking all rewards in the current phase.

This event is where you will acquire the memories needed to unlock Aile. After getting the best result on phase 1 to 3, you will have enough memories to unlock her. From there, you can keep playing to unlock more rewards, most notably 30 memories of the Triangle Saber on phase four and 5 memories of Aile from phase five onward.

Below you can see the characters and weapons that will give you extra benefits in this event.

As usual, to get the most coupons from the event, you need to find three purple elements in the stage. If you need some help finding them, you can check this guide .

New to this event (and added by popular request), there's an actual story. Now all they need to do is get the correct music tracks and make proper levels for events like they did for the Summer event instead of recycling stages. Baby steps I guess.

Two social media reward campaigns are running right now. One on Twitter (left image) and another one on FaceBook (right image).

On Twitter you have to retweet the following tweet and everyone across all servers with get "Elemental Metal Supply Boxes" when the required amount of retweets is reached.

And on FaceBook, you have to like, share and leave your player ID in the comments of this post. When the post reaches the required quantity of "likes + shares" more "Elemental Metal Supply Boxes" will be delivered to the players.

If the post reaches 6.000 "likes + shares", the development team will raffle "Pyro Executioner Memory x40 - 5 winners" between all the participants and, they will do the same again if the post reaches 7.000 "likes + shares"

Most of the time they give us a set amount of EM but this time they are giving EM supply boxes which are subject to the game RNG which could mean we are getting less EM depending on luck.

Lastly this memories have been added to to the store, available until September 10 at 15:59 (UTC+8).
  • 【X Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
  • 【Massimo Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
  • 【Alia Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
  • 【Shadow Blade Buster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
  • 【Elite Lance Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
  • 【Snowy Spray Gun Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)

And that's all for this week, nothing more going on besides the ZX Series event. Next week there won't be any new characters. You can chill and keep playing the "Messiah" event and save EM for whatever comes next.


  1. Pandora is adorable.

  2. It took me a whole good minute to realize why Omega would have those wings behind him... is the Dark Elf!

  3. I'm giving away my Pre-register Alia code if anyone needs it:

    First come, first served. Let me know if it is successfully claimed so I don't offer it elsewhere.

  4. "Messiah"... HAH! How pretentious can you get?
    This is partly why I prefer the classic Mega Man. Aside from a few depictions in fan works, it never takes itself that seriously. Nor should it.

    1. Gotta be honest, I'm not fond of the Jesus expy stuff they did with X.

    2. I think you are the one who took it too seriously. There's nothing pretentious about an obvious villain proclaiming his perceived superiority.


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