Sunday, September 20, 2020

Listen to the Music From the Unreleased Wily & Light's RockBoard Game Boy Port

All 15 individual tracks from the newly discovered, unreleased Game Boy port of Wily & Light's RockBoard: That's Paradise! are now available for your listening pleasure. 

Courtesy of our friend VixyNyan, you can download the complete soundtrack from good 'ol Rockman Perfect Memories here. Each piece is individually ID tagged, too. And fun fact: the soundtrack was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. He's best known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, Gunstar Heroes and Vagrant Story!

If you're just catching up, a cancelled and unreleased Game Boy port of RockBoard surfaced early this month during the latest round of "Nintendo Gigaleaks." The game is a near 1:1 port of its Famicom sibling -- multiplayer included. The port was developed between 1993-1994 by defunct Japanese developer Dual.

Based on initial findings, Game Boy RockBoard made it very far in development. In fact, it was cancelled sometime after getting into Lot Check. In other words, a commercial release was within reach. We do not know why it was cancelled, though. Chalk this one up to the many Mega Man mysteries.

Many thanks to VixyNyan and nensondubois_!


  1. Whoa this is the first time I ever read about Rockboard being on anything but the Famicom. This is some cool news. I wonder if the translated NES version will ever pop up?

  2. I'm glad to see Vixy still kickin' about. She's always been mighty cool and a lot of fun. She also has a deep love for the community, which is always appreciated!

    As for this soundtrack? Aside from running on a different sound engine, I'd say it's just as 1:1 as the game. I saw the footage Kiddo Cabbusses put up and I was pretty impressed. This is a really good port and it doesn't suffer from the smaller screen, very much.

  3. I am glad that I found them. It is not easy but its out there if you knew where. And Rockboard Game Boy indeed looks like a nearly perfect like a Famicom version. Now I am cherish this game in my storage external hard drive. A rare. Hope for more Rockman rare games to be find in the future. Keep up the good work,

  4. Hitoshi Sakimoto is good. Final Fantasy Tacitcs and XII soundtracks were fantastic.


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