Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pachislot Rockman Ability English Translation (Part 2)

Continuing where we left off from our Pachislot Rockman Ability English Translation, we're bringing you the second and final set of episodes today! Check 'em out below!

First, I just wanted to say thank you for supporting the first part of the English Translation! Even if  there may not be any major Blue Bomber news at the Tokyo Game Show this week, we thought we would at least have something to watch instead.

If you are only just joining us, please check out Part 1 of the translation before watching the next batch of chapters. You can find the first part HERE. Additionally, if you'd like to know more about the game, its characters and listen to some of the soundtrack, you can check out our previous coverage by following the links: General game overview and modes, enemy abilities and weapons and music and vocal tracks

Many Thanks to SoulRokkuman for this amazing Ability Roll artwork! SoulRokkuman is also taking commissions on Rockman/Mega Man artwork so be sure to check out their work HERE

So without further delay, here is the second batch of episodes! Enjoy.

Chapter 6



Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10 and Ending


Hope you all enjoyed this look into the story mode for Pachislot Rockman Ability! Once again I'd like to thank Genzi, Liumin and ShadowRockZX for helping us make this possible, and to you readers for taking the time to watch! 
I'm still hopeful that Capcom and Enterrise will one day release the artwork and soundtrack to the game in some capacity. Plus, I'm still VERY hopeful for some kind of confirmation behind the rumored mobile port  as it would be a shame to see these designs go to waste.

Before we wrap up here, we want your opinion on something. 
Would you like us to do a movie style edit of this footage PLUS some of the actual gameplay/stage footage? We'll consider doing it if there's an interest! Let us know in the comments below! 
Thanks again for your support! 


  1. i thought it was Akiko Kimura (rockman.exe) who voiced rockman here. She and Mutsumi Tamura (rockman ability) sounded alike

  2. Yes please make it movie style cause these episodes are really short! Maybe in the credits you can show off some hidden art or whatever art is available for Rockman Ability.

  3. yes! movie with stage gameplay please!

  4. yes! movie with stage gameplay please!

  5. yes! movie with stage gameplay please!

  6. Once again thanks you for the translation.

  7. I'm definitely interested in a longer cut! Any and all materials y'all are able to grab your hands on, I'm interested. I'd be willing to trade polish to have something that represents a fuller picture.

  8. It's a pity something so good is being wasted on a Pachislot. It's an amazing movie!

  9. to be honest, those characters are definitely looking funny. Not Capcom's Rockman version. And a Pachislot game looks boring. However, movie looks nice. I love anime!

  10. I'd be all in favor of a longer cut, with gameplay footage. It would tie a fe things together and give the robot master the occasion to be included as well.


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