Monday, September 21, 2020

Premium Collectibles Studios Acquires Mega Man License for High-End Statues

Premium Collectibles Studios (né Pop Culture Shock Collectibles) has acquired the license to develop products based on the Mega Man IP, the company announced.

As their namesake implies, PCS manufacturers high-end statues based on popular movie, comic, cartoon and video game properties. For an example of their work, see their take on MMPR Red Ranger, Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Zangeif and Michael Myers. Good stuff. 

So long story short, we can expect to see some nifty Mega Man things from these fine folks in the near future. No further details are available.

Stay tuned!



  1. Power ranger, 60 bucks.
    Spider-man over 1,000.00.

    Crazy price jumps.

    1. I noticed that. I almost thing the Power Ranger is supposed to be 499.99 not 49.99. Unless it's a tiny, amiibo sized statue or something.

      Statues aren't for me, but these ones look like pretty good quality compared to past offerings from other vendors.

    2. The Red Power Ranger is made of PVC and is 1/8 scale; the Spider-Man statue is made of polystone, and is 1/3 scale; that's a massive difference in size, weight, production, and shipping cost.

  2. I hope they don't have the weird looking faces of the first 4 figures, which were also premium priced

  3. For THOSE prices, here's hoping they get the faces right.

  4. I really don't have the money right now. Remain to see if i will have it when they release something.

  5. even though they're really unnecessarily priced i do like the capcom figurines they make for street fighter(would love to see darkstalkers or power stone as they did 2 for morrigan,lilith,demitri and lord raptor.:3) and hope they have a bit of variety with mega man.(if it's kept to classic at least have the robot masters,classic,roll,protoman or bass.)

  6. PCS does good work; it's absolutely guaranteed that whatever they make will blow First4Figures' garbage out of the water.

    Too bad I'm done collecting large-scale statues ... unless they crank out something truly amazing.


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