Sunday, September 13, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - Next Playable Character Teased...

The Rockman X DiVE development team took to social media to tease the next playable character. While the image doesn't show much, the Zero helmet printed on the classic "Matsuri" (i.e festival in English) attire called "Happi" or "Hanten" pretty much gives it away.

This very "Festive" Zero will be the next S rank playable character and will arrive in time to celebrate the "Firework and Lantern Festival". Very few things are more iconic than a fan with the kanji "чен" printed on it when it comes to attending a Matsuri. Will Zero trade in his Z-Saber for one?

We'll find out soon!


  1. well he used B-fan on x8 so I think he might do the same on this festive edition

  2. Zero being kinda like a samurai, chosing him for a typically Japanese event is fitting.

  3. Another Zero?
    Capcom knows what the player base wants: Girls, and Zero.

  4. It's possible its Layer or Iris, since they both have a hard on for X series Zero.

  5. Imma get pissed if it does indeed end up being Zero....

    1. Would make sense to pick Zero, though.

  6. Why we get something like this for X for once?


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