Monday, March 1, 2010

Mega Man 10 Arrives On Wii

The wait is over...for Wii owners, that is. The eagerly awaited Mega Man 10 has released and is available now for purchase from the Shop Channel for 1000 Nintendo Points.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait just a bit longer for their dose of MM10:

PS3: March 11th, 2010 - $9.99
Xbox 360: March 31st, 2010 - 800 MS Points

As for our friends in Europe, you'll be able to snag the WiiWare version on March 5th. PS3 and 360 release dates are the same as those above. Sure, a bit of a wait, but patience is a virtue!

Got the game? Please feel free to post your impressions in the comments! If you don't want to be spoiled, well, don't read the comments!


  1. Got the game a day early thanks to HomeBrew and stuff.

    It's a disappointment, if you're looking for something unique. It's got the same sorta vibe that EXE6 had, where you can really and truly feel that the formula is getting stale and old now.

    Protoman plays basically like how he did in Megaman 9, which means he's completely useless.

    The only thing I truly liked was the soundtrack, but even that it felt how MegaMan 4's music was.

  2. I'll be downloading this and starting play TODAY.

    Happy Mega Man 10 Day, everyone! =D

  3. Available now? I didn't think new item posted until 12pm EST.......

  4. looks like everyone is busy playing it. i knew i should've called in today.

  5. Huzzah! The day is finally here!! :) Too bad I have to wait until after work (tonight) to play it...

  6. It's most unfortunate that I'm in school right now. If I weren't, then I'd be downloading it the moment it shows up in the Wii Shop Channel. There's still about five more hours left until I could do so. What a shame. Here's hoping this game won't be a disappointment like Mega Man 9 was.

  7. Hmmm, I'm not seeing it in the shop yet?

  8. technically isn't out for another 30 minutes


  9. Encore 4 jours à tenir >_< pour nous pauvre européen

  10. lol 11AM (CST) and all the comments STOP.

  11. I can't wait to get this when I get home. I hope the rest of the soundtrack is decent.

    @Saito: A lot of people I know actually still play EXE6 competitively to this day, and they say EXE6 did the absolute best when it comes to the competitive side of the game. Of course, it's just opinions.

  12. Beaten Sheep Man and Blade Man and now doing Solar Man.
    I'm find it rather easy so far. Gameplay is cool, soundtrack is awful, it sounds like a bad fangame.

  13. IGN's review (8.5) has delivered the sad news that MM 10 is the same length as MM 9. The extra lines in the Time Attack menu are for all the different Special Stages (as I think we were all beginning to suspect with the DLC announcement).

    What a letdown. :( Still, I can't WAIT to get home from work and play it!

  14. @Saito: It may be stale, but that probably means it's been perfected. EXE6 was probably one of the best-crafted games of the EXE series. What better way to end it out?

    Perhaps Classic will either stop again for a while or reinvent itself. I hope for the latter, because I do not want to see an 8-bit MM11.

    They could do so much with a reimagining of the classic series. They already kind of did once with EXE.

  15. Lol, and by tomorrow, we're gonna hear from everyone about how this game is MM9 reskined/it sucks/it's stale/MMX9 should have been made instead/8-bit is t3h g4yz/blablahblah.

    Anyways, I'm gonna buy it in a moment. I can't wait!!! :D

  16. @Saito

    >Protoman plays like how he did in Megaman 9
    >he's completely useless

    >charge shot

    I really don't see how you came to that conclusion.

  17. TAG -

    Well, there is a middle ground. I'm 99% certain Mega Man 10 is going to be awesome, but it is a fair disappointment that the game layout is the same. It really should be longer than MM 9. No more MM 2 circle-jerking, please. At the same time, MM 10 can and likely will be awesome no matter how long it is. So while I am disappointed by its length/layout (or lack thereof), that won't stop it from being great in its own right, and it won't stop me from being happy that it was made. Bring on Mega Man 11, I say. (And X9.)

    Khorosho -

    Gotta agree with you. Not sure what Saito's beef is (and to be fair, I haven't played MM 10 yet), but what else would you expect from Proto Man? He SHOULD play just like he did in MM 9. I'm glad they kept his lower defense in, because without it he'd be better than Mega Man, and we can't have that. Proto Man has to have a disadvantage to counter his slide and charge shot, and his physical frailty is it. Makes sense for story AND gameplay reasons. There has to be a point to playing as Mega Man, considering HE's the series' main hero.

  18. @TAG & MaverickHunterAsh
    Well he did play it while you guys haven't yet.

    I'm at the second Wily stage and I'm slightly disappointed so far.
    What bugs me the most is the music, it's awful and it sounds like a fan threw those tracks together with famitracker, with the exception of Nitro Man and perhaps Pump Man, none of them is catchy. Even the Wily stage music is probably the worst out of the entire classic series. I can't believe this comes from the same people that did the MM9 soundtrack.

    Some graphics stand out, but not in a good way. The Solar Man background is the first that comes to mind, it's really ugly. Also the mouse pointer enemy, it really doesn't fit in with the other enemies.

    The level design is pretty good, a bit on the easy side perhaps. The weapons are pretty useful outside boss battles too. The bosses are cool.

    It's not that I'm saying it sucks, far from it, it's a good game. It's just that MM9 set the bar very high, and after that I was expecting better.

  19. Yes, I'm pretty disappointed there aren't two castles. But besides the length I'm hearing it's still a pretty great entry. Hearing that Forte's a playable character is definitely cool too, and three special stages is awesome, I wonder if they'll have their own boss robots like R9?

  20. I've been playing all day and it's awesome!! WHo cares about the petty gripes the above posters are whining about?? It's as fun to play as any other Mega Man game, but with unfamiliar terrain and bosses! What more could you want??

    OH YEAH THE EXTRAS!! There's TONS of em! the new challenges are a lot of fun! I would really love to see the Zero Collection get this treatment! it really brought the ranking system to life and these new challenges really just make sense! The Zero series is like the hot-rod Mega Man series, all about performance! I'd love to see these challenges and awards in there!

    MM10 has done more than any other in the series. I love it! Back in the day there was nothing more in a new Mega Man game than new bosses and levels. Mega Man has been "stale" since MM3 (and familiarity is what we like about Mega Man, isn't it?). Just quit whining and enjoy the new stuff!

  21. First off, I don't know what manner of drugs you guys are on, but I happen to think the music and level designs look fantastic. Just beat it, need to go through it more thoroughly for time attack, etc.

    Also, I love the Easy mode. My brother usually gives up on Megaman games real quick, and the fact that he's enjoying 10 right now by going through on easy brings a smile to my face.

  22. I loved that they tried to do something unique with Castle Wily this time. It was so cool. The ending was sort of so-so though, and no special scenes like in R9.

  23. Played it, and so far I love it. From what I heard, the music's great (although I will say that MM9's music is better than this), the level design makes things quite fun, and......yeah. I mean, the graphics are MM NES graphics, and I love that, too. So what is there to say of that? >_> Although I haven't beaten any of the RM's yet. BTW, are any of the bosses weak to the Mega Buster? Because I managed to get up to all 8, but I don't think any of them took noticeable damage to the buster. I'm probably wrong, but can someone let me know (without telling me who it is, plz)?

    @Snap: That's exactly it. MM9 set the bar very high. And you were expecting MM10 to hit that bar and pass it. I wasn't.

  24. I have it. I can't wait to play it soon. Is Rockman 10 coming next weel in japan ?

  25. I've been playing this game for the past few hours, and dear GOD is this game hard. Well, only a few stages in particular (Solar Man's, Commando Man's, and the Wily stages). Like I said before, when the Strike Man video was released, even Mega Man 9's Super Hero mode pales in comparison to the challenge that this game has to offer...even on Normal mode!

    As far as gameplay is concerned, Mega Man 10, just like its predecessors, has excelled in that area. The storyline, however... It was just WAY too predictable. It was pretty obvious that Dr. Wily was the one behind the Roboenza virus. It's a shame that Mega Man and Dr. Light didn't have the common sense to realize that from the start, but...whatever. Lastly, I'm really happy to see that Bass is in the game as a playable character and everything, but at the same time, I'm disappointed that he didn't appear anywhere in the story. Sheesh, even Proto Man had a role in Mega Man 9's story, even if it was a small one. Bass, on the other hand, made no appearance whatsoever.

  26. Downloaded and played a bit. A lot of the soundtrack is hit or miss, but there are some real gems! The level design and their gimmicks are really amazing, they seem like a huge step up to me, like they were really trying to do something unique for each level. I think the game's been a great effort so far! I started with SheepMan, he was surprisingly easy to take out with just the Rock Buster, but I haven't fought another boss yet.

  27. Krazy Monkey: I'd say spoilers for the story (specially since I haven't gotten to that point yet), but c'mon. Anyone who really expects otherwise shouldn't be surprised or disappointed when they find out they're wrong. >_>

  28. So, someone could tell me if tango and reggae appear in this game?

  29. @TAG: Protodude said not to read the comments if you don't want spoilers, so I took that to mean discussing any aspect, including the plot, is fair game in this post.

    That being said, duh, obviously Wily had done it. But I was sorta hoping we'd get a two-castle game with a fake antagonist. But oh well, I think a lot of the creativity they put into this game makes up for whatever they DIDN'T put into the plot...

  30. Ah, I'm not sure if I'm happy the special stage bosses are Ballade, Enker, and Punk or not (no Quint? I know he's not technically a RockMan Killer, but...). I was really hoping for new bosses, but then again, it'd be nice to see those guys again.

  31. Got it today and beat it right away :D
    The game's terrific, the tunes are sticky (loved Solar Man's theme) and the challenge is medium-high, Commando Man's stage is a bitch btw

    anyway, i wanna say something about wily's castle


    you fight a machine with 3 slots that recreate robot masters from the past games, you can even fight Slash Man and Frost Man in 8-bit! freaking awesome


    this game is worth the 10$ absolutely

  32. I just watched a playthrough of the series. Honestly, I hope they hang up the towel with this entry. It's just...I dunno, I was underwhelmed. Mega Man 9 was cool because they were doing an 8-bit game in the style of the original Mega Man games in the year 2008! But Mega Man 10 is starting to remind people why most of them turned off the Mega Man series in the first place--it got stale.

    I didn't find most of the tracks especially catchy like in Mega Man 9, although maybe I have to listen to them more. Plus, we still have the arranged CD to come out.

  33. I love how in the final battle the fake Wily is identified by the red triangle in its forehead, akin to Reploids. At least there was SOME X series allusion in the game.

  34. @TAG, Sheep Man is probably the easiest to take out with just the buster. Blade Man is pretty easy too, once you see through his pattern you can get him stuck in an infinite loop. Pump Man and Commando Man aren't too hard with just the buster either.

  35. last boss is hard.
    turtle shell ftw
    cliff hanging ending, 8 bit megaman 11 anyone? ¬¬

  36. It fell WAY short for me. I'm glad that most of you enjoy it so much though. That should go down as the worst ending too. The music wasn't really good either. Reminded me of MM6. I am pleased to be playing a new Megaman game though, but it was still a disappointment. Something new should have been done for this one. A game changer.... like.... co-op?!

    This is why co-op needed to be done before people got tired of Megaman. After this, good luck on us seeing a Megaman 11. After MM3, they stopped adding major game changes until the addition of Bass in MM&B. MM9 was cool with Protoman, but should have done more than just adding Bass as a third character for MM10. Sorry, but I'm extremely disappointed with Megaman 10.

  37. So I finished Mega Man 10 last night.

    Honestly, I have mixed feelings. Gameplay-wise I'm very pleased; the level design, boss fights, enemy design, and all that are definitely a step up from Mega Man 9. This is, in all, a much more creative effort than MM 9, and I'm happy about that. It's also generally harder and longer (haw haw) than 9, or at least the Robot Master stages are (Wily Castle seems to be a fair bit easier). The visuals are also a step up from 9 (which had way too many plain black backgrounds IMO), and while 10's soundtrack isn't better than 9's, I don't understand the hate for it; I don't really think it's worse either, and if it is, it isn't by much (Chill Man's stage theme is the only one that jumps out at me as being truly forgettable, and others are *wonderful*), and thankfully, no music is reused from Mega Man 2 this time around.

    But seriously, I'm left with a really bad taste in my mouth regarding 10's story/ending/etc. It's basically a ROM hack of 9. Same exact structure and everything, but with an even weaker plot than 9's. They had the opportunity to do so many neat things with 10's story, what with Roboenza and the "Threat from Outer Space!!" thing... but they totally botched it. Wily created Roboenza, and the outer space thing concerns the LAST STAGE (as cool and epic as it was). Big deal. I know it was too much to hope for from Capcom, but Roboenza could have been mysterious, extraterrestrial. Duo could have played a role, being from space and all. Roll could have gone berserk. Really, anything beyond the utterly predictable status quo, but that's exactly what they went with. Damn shame, especially for the series' tenth installment and the fact that they were clearly going for an epic feel by mining the series' past (the Wily Archive bosses are *amazing*, and the Wily Castle design, especially the last stage/final battle, had an especially epic, climatic feel to it this time around). The "it's the tenth chapter after all, let's make it the most epic ever" intent was clearly there, they just did so little with it. Really disappointing.

    And then there's the fact that Bass was left out of the story. Again. No explanation of his absence in 9. No payoff whatsoever, even though the devs took the trouble of "officially" explaining away his absence in 9 due to receiving upgrades from Wily. I'm not even a Bass fanboy, but that's UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. He's a main character for fuck's sake. He's the third playable character -- great -- but the story will again pretend he doesn't exist (Bass Mode will have no story like MM 9's Proto Man Mode, watch). A climatic fight with Bass in Wily's Castle (instead of that crab boss, or even after the final battle with Wily!) could have been ALL SORTS OF WIN, but no. Meh.

    Oh, and yeah... that ending. Worst in the series, especially after 9's. Yeah, it was sweet that Wily left Mega Man an unspoken "thank you" for saving his life... but that's it? AWFUL ending. Enough said. But at least it's pretty clear that Mega Man 11 is very obviously coming sooner or later. They emphasized Wily's escape a little too much for it not to be.

    So, yeah. In a nutshell: gameplay/music/visuals are awesome... as good as (music) or better (gameplay/visuals) than 9. Story/ending/all that jazz... pretty awful, but I will give them credit for making Wily Castle and everything leading up to the fight with Wily (particularly Wily Stage 1) especially epic this time around.

    I don't know, I probably expected too much of Capcom from the story. But it feels to me that they're taking it less seriously than ever now, and while I know it's far from the deepest story out there, I still wish they regarded it as more than window dressing for the gameplay... the one thing Mega Man 8 did right, IMO.

    Oh well, I still can't wait to go back and play the hell out of it some more. :)

  38. As an addendum to my previous comment, though, I do want to say that the gameplay is definitely NOT getting stale; it's as fun as it's always been, and 10 has some of the best gameplay and stage design that I've yet seen in the series. But the story really does need to go somewhere and do something big. It's meandering far too much now and getting far too stale/predictable.

    If Capcom could match 10's stellar gameplay with a better, less predictable/slightly deeper and longer story, just think how AMAZING Mega Man 11 could be. I would love to see a multi-game (even two-game) story arc... maybe end 11 on a huge cliffhanger, and resolve the arc in some unbelievably epic climax in 12. (Think Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Zone of the Enders 1...) That could be incredible if done right, because the gameplay's in the bag. This could maybe be achieved with a longer, episodic game released in shorter chunks too (depending on how Sonic 4 turns out, at least). I don't know, I just think Capcom needs to experiment with the story/format a little, because the gameplay is clearly there and as awesome as it's ever been.

  39. I agree with what you said about the story, MaverickHunterAsh, but I get the feeling they'll still stick with the status quo in Mega Man 11, as unfortunate as it may be.

  40. "If Capcom could match 10's stellar gameplay with a better, less predictable/slightly deeper and longer story, just think how AMAZING Mega Man 11 could be. I would love to see a multi-game (even two-game) story arc... maybe end 11 on a huge cliffhanger, and resolve the arc in some unbelievably epic climax in 12."

    DO EET!. NAO!

    Why are people complaining about MM10's music? I think it's great. A lot of previous MM music styles are in there. I think it's awesome. Almost every song (except maybe Chill and Wily Stage 4) is great and fresh. My ears can now rest from all the MM2-ish crap. The fact that most MM composers (specially 7 and 8's IMO) helped in the making of this OST just made my day AND the next day.

    Don't get me wrong: Manami Matsumae (MM2) is the best MM composer, along with Yasuaki Fujita (MM3-4) and Ippo Yamada (MMZ-MMZX games). But people has overrated the MM2 style too much. MM9 is made of that style. Maybe that's why people think MM10's OST is not as outstanding as 9's, IMO.

    I personally LOVE IT. Commando, Sheep and Wily 1, 2, 3 and 5 are awesome. The boss theme is awesome, and so is the fortress boss theme (W. Archive is made of WIN!). THE SHOP THEME!. Pump and Solar are great, too. Wily Capsule 10 is awesome. And the pre-Wily 1 theme is epic.

    I've seen MM10 in streams and all. Gameplay seems solid enough. A bit too predictable, but sometimes just ridiculous (Sheep Man and Pump Man in normal...TOO EASY). Some parts are actually pretty hard, even for normal (Blade Man and Strike Man without weaknesess are evil), but that is always expected from a MM game. Also, if you felt Normal Mode was easy, go play Hard Mode (Blade H will murder the unworthy ones lol).

    Story-wise, MM10 has a MM type of story. I love how Wily just literally said "thank you" at the end. I was shocked to discover how competent he was this time. If it wasn't for Roll, Wily would've taken over the world this time. GOOD FOR HER!.

    In the end, MM10 is worth the money. All the extras it has (and the ones you can download) just gives it an even bigger replay value. I can confidently say "MM11/MMX9/MML3 for 2012". I give this game 2 YEARS before it gets old.


    in b4 "MM10 secret" and "MM9 secret doesn't exist"


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