Thursday, October 15, 2009

New OSS Box Art (UPDATE)

Nintendo's Touch! DS website is showing off what's apparently the final Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star box art. It's significantly different than the one we saw earlier, which featured old OSS promotional artwork, but everything here seems new!

Thumbnail size is all that's available at the moment, though I expect we'll see something a bit larger as OSS nears closer to release. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

UPDATE 10/18 - Medium size version available at Maruchi :


  1. Looks alot better than the tacky copy + paste one that PlayAsia had a tentative boxart...

    I am kinda hyped for this game, and kind of not. Since I have never played EXE 1, and I am afraid of many SSR elements that may be added to the story.

    I can already see the after plot story... Forte and Burai meet, they join forces... you get ambushed by them, they revive old bosses... you fight those bosses, etc.

    You finally beat all teh bosses, and get to Forte and Burai, they say a long speech of sorts, you battle, you win, but WAIT! They're still alive! Heartwarming cutscene time! Its 10 minutes of sappy crap! EXE and SSR are encouraged! They want to continue to fight to blah blah protect friends blah blah... SSR and EXE's themes play, and they one hit kill them with their busters.....

    Man I am long winded... LOL

  2. Ill say it once again- FUTURE MAN.

  3. This boxart makes up for everything else about this "revival" sucking.

  4. Whoa im actually excited to see this game come out cant wait to see this game and see what new stuff they have added im guessing there will be ssr rockman mega chip maybe a giga and im wondering is the double rockman program advance will be like the delux hero or 2xhero pa hmm or have they alreay said how the p.a. looks hmm im looking forwards to seeing this wish is had wifi for battles but i guess not this time maybe next time next remake damn we need irregular hunter x 2

  5. This box art look, pretty cool! Hope the game is really good.

  6. FUTURE MAN is similar to this MMSF3 image:

  7. The boxart looks very cool. Nice to see some new SS RockMan art.

    That's it.

  8. I'm disappointed honestly. I'd prefer to see something that mirrors the Japanese box art for EXE1, but have SS Rockman center-fold with Rockman EXE.

  9. Protodude, you should round up the sketch images they've been posting on the OSS devlog. I think they're up to four now.


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