Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teisel Bonne's Secret Toy Stash

According to the Mega Man Legends 1 manual, the eldest member of the Bonne family, Teisel Bonne, has a "secret affinity for animals, toys and model kits", yet the game presents no evidence to support this tidbit...or does it?

Using the custscene control code, TauVertex discovered this possible reference to the Tiesel's love of toys hidden within one of the earliest cutscenes:

^Boxes upon boxes of toys in Teisel's room.  Such a site cannot be seen through normal means, only through the use of the aforementioned cutscene control code and some clever camera positioning.

The original cutscene, minus the boxes of toys, here.

[via Mega Man Legends Station]


  1. Well, indeed it does. Thats quite a handy code! I don't care what any critic says, they put a lot of love and detail into the Legends games. If only we could see and feel it again! :(

  2. If there is no DASH 3, they should at least make a remake of the 1st game. Exploring the whole island like Spider-Man and GTA would be fun, specially if you can drive the support car! And a bonus mode where you can play as the Bonnes similar to Tron ni Kobun. Or put both games in one...

  3. Tron's quote: "Well if you didn't buy only what you want, maybe we wouldn't be in this fix."

    He wasted lots of money in toys...

  4. The object near the box in the first pic looks like Teisel!


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