Friday, October 16, 2009

Star Force Anime Arrives In Hong Kong

According to PRC reader the Dark, the Mega Man Star Force anime started airing last week in Hong Kong practically without warning.

It's known as "The Star Hero Mega Man" there, and airs on channel One on Saturdays at 5:00 pm. Reruns air the following Sunday at 4PM, and Wednesdays at 8PM.  Like the US version, episodes run at 20 minutes in length.


  1. Star Hero Mega Man, huh? Interesting. It's good to see more Mega Man going around all over the world.

  2. Do they even have the license and rights to do so?

  3. Good to hear that news
    I am far away from Hong Kong actually, now know that it will shows on channel 1 TVB

  4. *Edit* post #3
    I am from Hong Kong

  5. omggg hope its still airing in december when I go to hong kong T_T


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