Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's Your Capcom Game Club Assignment

Mega Man 1 kicks off Capcom's first ever Game Club event, a community-wide feature where fans and Capcom staff play through the game together, and discuss their experiences on the Unity forums.

Each week, jgonzo will post an assignment, a sort of challenge for fans to tackle. The following Monday, fans and staff are free to discuss the challenge in a sort of "book club" manner. Tonight's assignment:

" Assignment #1 is to get through two robot masters. The order is up to you. Try to keep track of how many times you die and what things you hate or enjoy about the levels that you play through. On Monday we'll reconvene, but in the meantime, you can use this thread to talk to other game club members about Mega Man 1. Remember that all forum rules are in place (no discussion of illegal items, profanity, etc). "

Sounds like a lot of fun! Feel like partaking? Check out this post here for full Game Club details.


  1. Ice Man - Why randomized puzzles are invalid and the fine-line walking of boss attack design and player enjoyment.


    Bomb Man - Irritating physics, mechanics, and enemy placement, but an almost perfect pacing.

  2. Hm. This almost seems like a ploy by Capcom to get the best opinions about the original games to make, dare I say, a tenth sequel?

  3. time 2 actually try properly play Megaman Powered Up then :P

  4. - I smell something related with MegaMan10, as... "play MegaMan1 and give us your feedback".

  5. You guys realized that they WERE going to do it with other games,right? Megaman 1 just got the most votes.

  6. I wish 5 new games for all consoles:
    Mega Man Powered Up Collection (MM1-10, GB1-5, and more in original and Powered Up styles)
    Maverick Hunter X Collection (X1-8, CM and Xtremes. Same as above)
    Mega Man Zero & ZX Collection
    Mega Man Legends Collection
    Mega Man Battle Network & Star Force Collection

  7. hmm Legends collection would be...really small wouldnt it? Anyhow played Powered Up in old style, killed elecman, bombman and gutsman...fireman youre next D:


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