Friday, October 23, 2009

TvC Producer Talks Zero

Ryota Niitsuma, the producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, recently posted a blog entry discussing the stories behind the new characters featured in the English version of the game, Zero included:
"There was an opinion from R&D that they wanted to include another character from the Mega Man series so I talked to Inafune-san. We were most careful about not letting those hardcore fans down, so we had to make something good.

"During the early stages of game design, this character was to be a character which would technically borrow some moves from other character datas, and not made from scratch, which meant that it wasn't one of the higher priorities. But, as I mentioned above, it is something we had to do right, and as I rejected many of the team's ideas, I kept on asking for something different, something that felt more like Zero - the guys said at the end: "Fine, you're asking us to make it from scratch right!?"
But then Zero turned out to be very good quality work again.

The attack moves that they implemented are taken a lot from the original series, and it is very cool character in a fighting game. Level 3 super is Dark Hold...? Good stuff guys! "

Good stuff indeed! I'm loving what I've seen of Zero so far, and I can't wait to give him a whirl.

Check out Niitsume's complete post at Capcom Unity.

Thanks, Flame!


  1. Haha! No problem. I love how excited he is over it.

    "dark hold? Good job guys!"

    Its nice to see the developers themselves get absorbed into the game and characters rather than it JUST being a job.

  2. Awesome. I knew that that third level special looked familiar. Great use of Dark Hold indeed, lol.

  3. FYI, I was at the Fight Club yesterday, so I DID play as Zero. Yeah, he's about as awesome as you'd imagine. :D

  4. @anonymous
    Pics or it didn't happen.

  5. It's good to have an official X-series Zero fighter; this oughta help MUGEN and Card Saga Wars.



    ;-; I'm not buying a Wii for only ONE game that interests me.

  7. @gold star: Far as I'm concerned, there was only one picture taken of me (it was a picture of me getting ready to fight another dude, and I'm making this really freaky looking smile), and I can't find it on teh interwebz. The only picture I took was of a flyer of the even right outside the building it took place in. Besides, even if I found the picture, you'd probably just say that I just found a random picture of the event on the internet and I'm lying. Not like you would know what I look like.

  8. I'm glad the producer ended up pushing for more originality. I want to see more than just Ryuenjin.

    Have we found out his last super yet? Double Charge Wave comes to mind, but what if they did Yammar Option in the same vein as Strider's Ouroboros? Then again, he already has Rekkouha from X6.

    I'm hyped to play as Zero. About time an X-series character starred in a crossover. Though I have a feeling SSFIV will release first despite becoming recent news.

  9. @Soultrigger: His three supers are Rekkoha (Infinity Mijinion), Sougenmu (Spike Rosered), and Dark Hold (Dark Necrobat). I'm not exactly sure how Sougenmu works, though. >_>

  10. So basically he wanted Zero on the game but yet opened discussion for other characters, knowing he wanted Zero.
    That's... just sad. They could've put original Sigma in it, it would have been pretty surprising thing to pull off.

  11. It still feels strange NOT to have Rekkoha as 3rd Level Super move. It was Zero's Giga Crash


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