Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OSS Site Updates

CoJ made a sizeable update to their Operate Shooting Star  homepage today.

The latest section offers a peek at SSRockman's various abilities such as locking onto foes from afar, shielding minor attacks and the rapid buster. These moves are exclusive to SSRockman, and can be fully utilized in multiplayer.

Next, we have a Program Advance section which shows off the new "Double Rockman" PA. The PA summons both SSR and Rockman EXE onto the field to deal some heavy duty damage. SSRockman's battle chip is required to execute this maneuver.

In the prologue section, there's some nice screens of OSS' new scenario wherein Mayl's Navi, Roll, is kidnapped. SSRockman is believed to be the culprit, but we all know who's really behind such a detestable act...

Clock Man takes center stage in the next section. Nothing really new here except a few images of Clock Man summoning SSR3's final boss, Crimson Dragon.  Surprisingly, stopping time isn't one of his attacks.

The finals section details the Rockman Colosseum multiplayer game. There's two modes in all:
  • Free-for-all: No teams, players fend for themselves
  • Team battle: work in groups to defeat opponents. In one scenario, team members must take down Forte/Bass.
Additionally, points earned in the Colosseum can be redeemed for rare chips in the main game.

Credit: Irish_Marcoos, Mega Man Network


  1. And still, no BGM. I wondered why the info on the site was so scarce.

    This update has me more excited for the game again. I will always and eternally complain that it wasn't a real remake, but instead a port with a little extra, but this will do. :) I'm interested to see how the EXE and SSR Rockmans interact.

  2. Forte looks friggin hilarious in that picture.

  3. Does it say what other chips go into the Double RockMan advance?

    I'm just curious if there have been any other new battle chips revealed yet.

  4. Wow, the minigames and stuff sounds more interesting....

  5. Crimson Dragon? There's a pleasant surprise...

    The minigames sounds fun.

  6. With Anon 1 and Ken340. This has got me a little more interested, and Crimson Dragon is definitely a cool cameo.

    I'm not sure if TMMN lists ClockMan's attacks, but here they are anyway:
    -Clock Slicer
    -Clock Laser
    -Calling Crimson
    -Mega Clock Laser

    In that order. I was sort of hoping it would let him summon all the final bosses in some form from SSR but since it's "Calling Crimson," that's unlikely. But it's still pretty cool.

  7. Hmm, worried about the points system if this game gets localized. Clock Man's attack sounds awesome... wish I didn't know of it before hand!

  8. What do you think would happen to the points system? Do you really think they would take out a simple multiplayer feature like that?


    Not much new except I think a few coliseum screens.

  10. :O


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