Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, How About Some Mega Man X Manga?

With Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Megamix manga coming down the pike, one wonders if Udon Entertainment has any plans on translating Yoshihiro Iwamoto's famed Rockman X manga series in English.  PRC reader Valiant Knight put that very question to Udon Entertainment. Their response:

"Currently, we have no plans on translating this particular series. What I can tell you is that if our upcoming Mega Man manga/art books meet expectations, you can count on seeing more of the 'Blue Bomber' from us in the future!" - Udon Rep.

A bit of a vague response, but it's definitely something to ponder.

Thanks, VK!


  1. No thanks. I want a new game. Thank you.

  2. Is that picture from the manga? I must be remembering a different one that was ugly, or I just have bad memory. If this the style of it, then do want!

  3. It's the same damn response we get to anything Mega Man related. "Buy it and we'll make more." Well, where's my Powered Up 2?

  4. Steven C. --

    Um, Capcom =/= UDON. UDON is actually very good about responding to fan desires and releasing more of what sells well.

    And the reason Capcom didn't make Powered Up 2 is because very few people bought it... so you just successfully argued against yourself with your own point. As much as I wanted Powered Up 2, I can't blame Capcom for not making it. Why make more of a series that performed badly at retail? Makes no business sense.

    Mega Man 9 did well, meaning we'll likely see Mega Man 10 sooner or later. People want more Battle Network, and we just got the hint that we'll see more EXE down the line after Operate Shooting Star, so there you go.

  5. That or the fans will have to translate it all. Even so, would they release the Chinese X5 books, since they're by a different author?

  6. Oh my god. I would buy this in hopes that It would fund a new Megaman X game.

    ~official post by M_Dude.

  7. Fine, do powered up 2 and make it DLC only. I would even bite that bullet to get a sequel. Same for MH2

  8. Im disappointed, excited, and worried at the same time.

    Disappointed that they didn't think of the X mangas outright,

    Excited that if Megamix and ZX sells we will get it though,

    and worried that the two might NOT meet "expectations"

    I mean, Im kinda paranoid after capcom and THEIR expectations that have left us Legends 3 and ZX3-less...

    here's hoping they really ARE better than Capcom at giving the fans what they want.
    and, here's hoping they get their desired expectations enough to release Iwamoto's X mangas.

  9. I would buy it. I'd buy it even if I don't understand it. (brough X4)

  10. Man. . .That picture got my hopes up for nothing. I really thought they was coming out X9. . dammit.

  11. Powered Up and Maverick Hunter was Capcom's own fault, the PSP is a bad platform for Megaman. Most Megaman fans are not the kind of gamers that would get a PSP. I know I'm not buying a €150 handheld for just 2 games no matter how bad I want them.

    Legends 2 and ZX:A didn't sell too well either, which I never understood. As the games got better the sales declined. ZX:A never got the 100k sales it needed for Capcom to make a sequel.

  12. I usually don't see myself impacting sales when I buy products, but at the very least, I can express my support with purchases.

    On an unrelated note, can't wait til MMOCW. 2 more weeks until it's released!

  13. What's with everyone saying "MOAR X GAMES"?

    Dammit people, X is dead, Capcom killed it horribly when they added flipping between 2D and 3D.

    We need sequels to games that actually NEED sequels.

    Like Legends.

  14. To Anon 3: If intercreates does X9 it will be a very good game, since these are the same people who did X1-X3. Plus Mega Man 9 was awesome.

  15. This I wants nao plz.
    Pretty please?
    X happens to be my favorite. Naturally I'd want one so long as it doesn't butcher it. :)

  16. @anon3
    Have you given X8 a fair chance? Unlike X7 it's actually a really good game.

    I too would like an Inti made X sequel, the Zero games, ZX games and MM9 are all excellent, I trust Inti they'd make it another great game.

  17. Got the art books, ZX, and Megamix preordered when they came up on Amazon in hopes they WOULD eventually put out the X series (Zero series too plz. I don't care how much hate it got, I enjoyed them). At this point though whatever they put out I'll buy just BECAUSE it's Megaman and it's in ENGLISH. >.>

  18. @MaverickHunterAsh : While I understand that Powered Up did not sell very well, there were still a fair amount people who bought it and still play it. New user-created stages continue to show up on the MMWeb and there is still a lot of fan-demand for the sequel. Everyone expresses it differently - be it fanart, petitions, or rabid commenting - and Capcom can't be blind to it. Besides, I don't recall MegaMan 1 (NES) selling all that spectacularly either and we still got a MegaMan 2!

    @Hypercoyote : I agree whole-heartedly. There were so many things that Powered Up did right and I hate seeing it abandoned so completely. And if they continued adding new characters/bosses/stages to it as DLC, I think it could be very profitable for them and great for the fans. We've come to accept repetition in MegaMan sequels - it's actually one of my favorite things about them - so using the same engine and just releasing new expansions with a new 8 characters each... I guess I'm getting carried away - I'm a very enthusiastic Powered Up fan! :P

    @Snap : Funny - I bought my PSP specifically for those two games.

    @Anonymous3 : I'm with the others - have you even tried X8? It's actually a very decently made X games, as far as mechanics go. Feels very much like the earlier titles in a lot of ways.

    And on the topic of the actual post - I preordered all the other ones as soon as they were posted, so I'd gladly buy another one. I'm a dedicated fan!


  19. I want Rockman X manga plz.-...

    :( translated!!!! it's not fair......

    I'm getting bored about Rockman, because they no pay much atention to Rockman X.

    =/ sad but true for me.


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