Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ariga Drops Fans a Message

On his blog, Hitoshi Ariga posted a brief message for fans who submitted robot entries for the second volume of Rockman Gigamix.  In short, Ariga conveys just how surprised he was at the number of designs, and how he plans of utilizing them in a 'spectacular scene.'  He then goes on to apologize for entries who didn't make the cut.

Well, the best of luck to those of you who entered; hope to see your entries in the scene!

Credit: Skylagoon


  1. Damn...I knew I shoulda entered...Can you still submit for future stuff?

  2. Wish I had had the guts to try this out. Though the winners probably don't go here (unless a rogue foreign entry caught Ariga's eye), congratulations to them!

  3. omg I would have loved to give some ideas, but I couldn't do any this time. would there be a next time? it would be great if there would, and of there is could you announce it?

  4. If Ariga ever does this sort of thing again, I'll be sure to let you all know!


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