Sunday, October 11, 2009

Auction - Rockman Battle & Fighters Trial Edition

A rare little nugget has made it's way onto Ebay: Rockman Battle & Fighters trial edition cartridge for the Neo Geo Pocket.

The cartridge contains an early demo build of the game, likely stationed at Japanese in-store kiosks. We saw this exact same cartridge a while back, and it does have its fair share of subtle differences from the final build of the game. (Click on the link provided for a breakdown of the trial version's contents.)

Bidding begins at $48; free shipping.  Complete auction here.


  1. Mechanical Maniacs has screenshots from the Trial version too, that I snapped for Gauntlet. Or you can click the link here. ^^

  2. I have that trial edition rom for Neo Geo Color Pocket emulator. Its awesome. :)

  3. This is a neat little collector's item to have, and trial/sample/demo versions of games are always fun to play. Now, if we could just find the "Sample" version of the original Rockman X/Mega Man X for sale. :P


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