Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maverick Hunter, Powered Up Coming To PlayStation Store On Oct 29/Nov 5?

Last week, Capcom Unity posted (and removed) a blog entry announcing the release dates of several PSP UMD Legacy titles heading to the PlayStation Store, Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man Powered Up, included:
  • October 8: Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Dark Tower
  • October 15: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
  • October 22: Capcom Puzzle World
  • October 29: Maverick Hunter X
  • November 5: Megaman Powered Up

Joystiq, seeking to confirm the legitimacy of these release dates, spoke with Capcom's Chris Kramer:

"titles are correct and the dates should be fairly accurate." He added, "it's "hard to pin down digital release dates almost until they happen."

Sounds reasonable to me.  So, what about pricing? No word on that just yet, but if previous Capcom UMD Legacy titles are any indication, a $19.99 price point is likely.

More news as it comes in; I'll keep you informed.

Credit: Joystiq


  1. $20? Heck, you can buy the UMD for what, $10 now? My best buy had them for $7.50 a while back

    But, maybe this will increase sales. Here's hoping they decide to make sequels, though they might do better on the NDS.

  2. "though they might do better on the NDS."

    I'd be all over it if it came out in DS.

  3. Awesome! Even though I already own the UMDs, I hope the digital copies help sales improve to get us some sequels. I've been dying for another side scroller. =)

    Now, let's hope they'll also release Legends 1 and 2 soon. I've really had the urge to play those again as well. And I really do want portable versions of them.

    And about the remakes being on the NDS. I'd be up for that. I love the DS much more than the PSP. However, the only thing that bugs me about that is, can the DS do the remakes as much justice as the PSP can? I really enjoyed the anime cutscenes and Sigma movies, as well as the voice acting, etc. I'm not sure they'd be able to fit that on a DS cartidge. Plus, doesn't the PSP have a higher screen resolution, and a wider screen?

  4. Stupid question, but can these downloaded PSP games be played on just a PS3?

    Answer's probably no.

  5. Hey gang, sorry to be a giant noob, but will this only be downloadable on the psp/psp go? I have a ps3 and would really love to download it there....

  6. I wonder why they removed it


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