Tuesday, October 13, 2009

November Coro Coro Report (Updated)

Another month, another Coro Coro. Details from this issue are a bit scarce at the moment, but here's what we got so far:

  • Operate Shooting Star demo on Nintendo Channel (Wii) and DS Download Stations later this fall.
  • The sister magazine of Coro Coro Comics will begin running a new comic starring Rockman EXE and a new operator that isn't Lan/Netto (red-haired boy on left scan).
  • Forte is a playable character in the Rockman Star Colosseum mini-game.
  • new Navi chip for SSRockman, deals 100 damage and coded S.
  • UPDATE: Insight on Clock Man's scenario:  he wants to make Roll and Harp Note his wives... (possibly a joke on 2ch's part).  According to TMMN, the third scan states that Clock Man "has run off to 200 years in the past with Harp Note. Here SF MegaMan is at WAXA with his friends and Dr. Goodall saying he needs to go after them. Meanwhile, 200 years in the past, Mayl claims that Roll has been kidnapped by a blue Navi. Naturally, Lan and MegaMan EXE go to rescue Roll. This in turn seems to pin SF MegaMan as the criminal, which will likely lead to their battle."
  • New mugshot for Mayl.
  • Scan confirms presence of Bud, Luna, Zack and Dr. Goodall.

More info as it comes in.

Credit: Tarbosan (scans), The Mega Man Network (translation)



  2. So, Clockman is a time-traveling pimp? At least it's unique. Kinda.

    I'm betting that this mystery operator is, in fact, Patch. He's got Lan's ugly mug and some resemblance with the hair, but Mayl's bright pink/red hair color.

  3. Uhhh, seriously, ClockMan making Roll and Harp Note his wives, is it real ?

  4. Could it be Lan and Mayl's son in that picture??

  5. New Rockman.exe manga without Netto?! What in the world?!

    Clockman wants Roll and Harpnote as his wives?!!! It's a new twist, but it's a weird and crazy twist.

  6. ClockMan kidnaps them both, but the "making them his wives" thing was likely a joke.

  7. Insight into Clock Man's scenario: he wants to make Roll and Harp Note his wives... :/

    there has to be more to it than that, i guess we will find out sooner or later!

  8. What's their sister magazine? I could pick one up at Kinokuniya if I'm near NY.

  9. That couldn't be Raito... could it? No way...

    ClockMan's scenario sounds hilarious. I guess he's supposed to be that old-style dastardly villain sort of character who takes women for the lulz.

    I'm actually sort of surprised that SS RockMan's chip is S-code and not R, but on the other hand, I guess it IS the first letter in his name.

    There seems to be a blurb about PAs there. Maybe they're better this time... that Zeta PA crap is really terrible.

  10. @Davis
    Not sure at the moment. It's either
    "Bessatsu CoroCoro" or "CoroCoro Ichiban."

  11. Dude! Raito! With... a DS! XD I'm a little disappointed that the manga looks so cartoony, but this gives me hope in a followup EXE game that's actually... new. Just one more, and I'll be happy.

    Although it could be not a hint. Perhaps there will be a scene in OSS where they travel a bit into the future. :P

  12. So probably SSR Rockman mistakes Roll for Harp Note? Or something.

    Is that Raito? It doesn't say anything about it. I suppose it could be. I would be excited if it weren't for the fact that they named him "Patch" in the US version... >_>

  13. Oh my god, red hair! And it's still the same Megaman!

    It's Lan and Mayl's kid, it has to be! That's...that's awesome!

  14. I'm a bit saddened that we probably won't see any more Luna and the gang!

    The clock man thing, reading is quite confirmed though. Not sure about the girlfriend/wives part, but he does take them.

  15. Could it be Patch and Megaman 2? xD

    Oh Clark, you have pretty good taste in women, but do you really need to steal "the girl" from both main protagonists? Overkill much? (Plus, I daresay I'd pick Luna over Sonia or Mayl any day :P)

    captcha: "nawni". Nawni indeed.

  16. They're using SSR3 sprites? That's insane.
    Sprite-wise, this is starting to look more and more fun. But if Bass is playable, (and I knew he would have a more extended role) then who from the other series will be playable? I'm thinking Harp Note and Rogue but there is no proof.

  17. this is sick cause the gameplay is all in exe format! i actually prefer the remark for starforce series

  18. Well, at least we'll get a new mini-manga out of this. Color me sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually ok with the only minor tweaks, but this will probably ruin any hope one could have for a new entry in the series. Dropped the ball, I'd say!

  19. I doubt that's Raito. SSR2 said his Navi is Rockman Jr. (who's appearance is also unknown.) It probably is just a random spinoff character for the manga. If it is Raito though, hopefully he looks better in the official Capcom art, rather than his current manga form. But again, that's all on a guess that he gets official art.

  20. lol so...Clockman's a time travling perv0_0...Capcom why do you do this?!?

    oh, and also, it DOES kind of look like a mixture of lan & mayl! lol I kinda feel bad he has pink hair considering he's a boy.

  21. if you look closly at de pink-haired-supposovly (if i can spell it lol) raito/patch looking person you can see he's wearing lan's symbol, and his shirt kinda looks like dr. hikari(senior)'s shirt.


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