Thursday, October 22, 2009

More TvC Zero Footage

If I'm not mistaken, there's at least one or two new combos in here:

Blue armored Zero:

Blue armored Zero vs. Roll

Thanks, Bowsersenemy.


  1. Wouldn't it make more sense if Zero's other color was black instead of blue?

  2. Cool combos, this adds a lot more variety.

  3. @ShadowNeko003: They could've changed this for TvC, but Capcom usually has four color schemes for each character in their fighting games.

  4. lol what was going on in that last video? Zero was just getting healed.

  5. Want X9 and MM10 with these character models on wii!

  6. @Kenichi340
    One of Roll's supers is to drop a life pellet. Usually it would drop onto her, but you can stop this by grabbing it before it contacts her, and gain the health bonus for yourself.

    TvC starts off with two colors unlocked by default, however you can buy (VS points, in game currency) additional colors. My memory is fuzzy on how many are available to each character though.

    Having played the original TvC, I am very excited to see Zero added to this update, and looking so well done at that.

  7. in zero vs roll why did a little bar appeared after roll did her special and zero intercepted it it reminded me of MMX2 or X3 the body armor has a special attack only recharged by taking damage


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