Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gigamix Postcards

Purchasing the Rockman Gigamix manga at select retailers in Japan yields a special bonus in the form of limited edition postcards sporting exclusive art by Hitoshi Ariga.  Dark Messiah was fortunate enough to collect all three, and has graciously put them up on his blog for all to see:

Postcard artwork varied depending on where customers purchased Gigamix: e-Capcom customers received the left card, Fukkan the middle and Tanomikumo the right.

Pretty neat bonus, sure to be collector's items one day, no doubt.


  1. What were those postcards for that was posted not too long ago?

  2. @Hypercoyote: The postcards you're thinking of were the bonuses for the two Rockman Remix re-releases back in June, or whenever it was.

    These books:


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