Friday, October 30, 2009

Mega Man Tribute Winner Revealed

Lo and behold, the Mega Man brick wall:

Maxime's labor of love takes the top spot in Capcom's Mega Man tribute contest at number one. Kind of a bizarre twist on the phrase "hitting the wall", no?

Congrats Maxime!

Click here for more photos of the wall and previous tribute entries.


  1. Very nice. . . 8-bit to 8 brick.

  2. wow that looks great! wonder how much would a wall like that cost if one wants one in their would be very nice :3

  3. Nice, but there were some other really cool things there too, like the "Dr. Light" game video and also the Mega Man Scramble Battle. Good job to all who entered (even if you didn't place 1-30).


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