Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NT Warrior 'Mega Value' Set Sighted At Retail

PRC reader Jen spotted this Mega Man NT Warrior value pack at her local Costco in the clearance isle. The oversized boxed set contains four Mattel NTW products at a bargain price:
  • 5.5'' CrossFusion Mega Man w/Battle Chip 
  • 12'' Electronic Deluxe CrossFusion Mega Man
  • 100 piece mini-puzzle set
  • a booster pack of trading cards.
The price? A cheap $11.99 -- a "Mega Value" indeed!

A bit odd to see NT Warrior merchandise these days; Mattel discontinued the line a few years back, and has since to release new products. Maybe this item is an exception?

Thanks for the tip, Jen.


  1. Most likely just some overstock being rebundled. I remember the megavalue kits that had the crossfusion megaman as well as one (maybe it was two) 6" figures in it. Poor cross fusion megaman, he was so forsaken....

  2. You know, looking at the picture, that is the megavalue box I was talking about. Notice there's a hole above the 6" figure, then another to the left where another figure should be. It also looks like a flap is bent out of place to the left of the cross fusion figure. I would say that these are leftovers missing a figure that someone from the store just stuffed other leftovers into to get rid of them, not something that mattel actually bundled for sale.

  3. I hardly ever saw NTW toys. I remember wanting a toy PET, but I couldn't afford one. Now that I can even what little popularity the series had in the US is gone. :(

    In other news, I played MHX for the first time today. It really makes me want one of a few things.

    Scramble battle, all series against each other.

    3D EXE game (not 2.5D)


    So something 3D and GOOD.

  4. Stores of that sort always have their cheap looking custom bundles.


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