Friday, October 9, 2009


A charming illustration by B People, inspired by those tricky Mets in Mega Man 9 who hide behind fake 1-Ups waiting ever-so patiently for a moment to strike.  Oh, how I hate them...

[via Pixiv]


  1. Haha, dude this is awesome! I love it! This is desktop background material.

  2. This guy's artwork is always great. (And it's nice to know his name--I've been referring to him as "Bnoman"...)

  3. This is definitely gonna be a favorite piece. I can still remember seeing 3 1-Ups near the end of Wily Stage 3, and when I tried to get the closest one, 2 of them turned out to be Mets who got a cheap shot on me. I was stunned for a bit and said, "what the..? Oh, you SOBs."


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