Sunday, November 9, 2008

GameFaqs Character Battle Heats Up: Zero and MM Join the Fray

Good news: MMX survived the previous round. Bad news: MegaMan and Zero face off today. You can only pick one. Where does your loyalty lie?

Yes, Classic series MegaMan and Zero have made their way to the next round of GameFaq's seventh annual character battle. Facing the dynamic duo are none other than Portal's Companion Cube and MGS' Solid Snake. Oh boy, this one's going to be a doozy.
Currently, Solid Snake has the lead with MM and the Companion Cube neck and neck. Zero however, remains dead last. :/

As much as I'd love to see the Companion Cube make number one, it'd still be great to see someone from our beloved franchise make it to the top.

Head over to GameFaqs and vote away!

News Credit: Ralene


  1. Mega Man would be winning if jerks didn't beat off to girly boy with the boobies so much. >:(

  2. f***!

    is not fair, there are 2 MegaMan characters in the same poll, the fan base is gonna split between these 2 instead of supporting just 1... and snake is already raping D:

  3. Aw crap, I have to choose between MegaMan or Zero? That's...inhuman! XD

    I still can't believe a joke character like the companion cube is doing so well. I'll vote for........MegaMan! He needs all the help he can get to defeat the evil companion cube!

  4. @Kenichi: That's a Character Battle's tradition, that stupid character is always winning. This time Tetris is gonna win again. Or that cube.

  5. @nemomon:

    Right, I forgot this is GameFAQs. These character battles have become a joke now. I remember last year the L-Block from Tetris won.

  6. Hey, at least a joke character winning is better than Link, Cloud, or Sephiroth again.


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