Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prototype/Beta Hacking Project

A call to arms for those who own Rockman/MegaMan prototypes and/or betas:

A good friend of mine, "Nihon", is about to embark on a pet project to hack apart Rockman betas/prototypes in search of all sorts of goodies. Currently, she owns a MegaMan 5 "sample cartridge", but she wants more material to work with. (She particularly wants to find the MMX7 E3 demo (Pictured) or a early build of RM2)

So, if you own any sort of prototype build, do her a favor and dump a ROM image and send it my way. (For personal matters, Nihon doesn't want her address out and about)

Her findings will be posted up either here or at her "soon to debute" blog, "Forever Blue." Thanks guys.


  1. I hope someone has a Rockman.exe Transmission beta. :D 3D Boss battles...

  2. Does she have that Rockman DASH build you got, Protodude?

  3. ^
    Yup, forgot to mention that. Same one I have.

  4. If she gets to take apart that Megaman X7 demo, maybe she'll find a good game hidden somewhere in the code.

  5. I hope she will share that demo with us. It will be great. This E3 demo is cool. I would love to have it too.


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