Saturday, November 1, 2008

So, What Comes After Rockman 9?...

By now most of us have had our fill of Rockman 9 and are currently awaiting to see what Capcom has in store for us next. But, what comes next? More retro titles? Revivals of older series? Something entirely new?

Unfortunately, it seems not even Capcom knows what's coming down the pipe. According to Christian Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development (in regards to a question about a 16-bit RMX9), Capcom is possibly awaiting to see the "trailing sales figures" of Rockman 9 to determine its follow up project:

"16 bit style eh? Retro but not as retro as 8-bit. Neat idea and I'm not sure what Infaune-san is cooking up on that front at the moment. I think we're still waiting to see what the trailing sales of MM9 look like before we evaluate any other projects of that nature."

So in a sense, Capcom is most likely seeing if Rockman 9 has "legs", a term used to describe a game's staying power in the charts. If Rockman 9 continues to sell at a rate that Capcom finds satisfying, they will most likely begin work on a follow up title.


  1. Don't get me wrong, but a MegaMan10 using the same 8-bit style of MM9 would be much appreciated. As someone said, if you dislike retro, go back into your Halo or Gears of War. ;)

  2. anything new would be good, but i want to see the MMX series to download


    Hmm... I like the sound of that.

  4. I dunno... Hm. I honestly don't think they should make another retro entry. I don't think they will either. Seems wisest to do it just once to me.

    XD A revival of EXE would be fine with me. :P

  5. I dont want a revived of EXE because it was not popular in Japan if I remember correct. That's why it was no longer in development after exe 6. I would like to see 8 bit style of MM10 and remake megaman 7 and 8 for 8bit for wiiware, maybe ? It will make all series in 8bits, finally. :)

  6. Why EXE? The story is done, end of story. No reason to continue.

    Classic and X series are needed to be finish the story.
    We need to know what happen to Axl crystal thingy on his forehead at the end of X8
    Personally, I think X series should be the one game next they need to do.. I don't mind classics, but X series are my favorite XD... and so is legends.

  7. ^
    Actually, the EXE series was immensely popular in Japan. The series retirment was due to capcom's wish to move on a create something "new" for DS hardware (Shooting Star).

  8. XD EXE was ridiculously popular.

    And though they may have officially finished it, there are just as many things they could do with it as any other series. :P They really didn't finish it, in my opinion.

    And why? Because I liked it. :) Same reason you want another X entry. ;)


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