Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SSR3 Gameplay From Leak (Possible Spoilers)

Altering the battlefield (Things pick up from 0:52 and onwards)

Comp Space tutorial

Opening play through

Impressed? I know I am.


  1. On of the primary annoyances of the RnR series has been the reappearance of the same FM-ians over and over. I'm getting sick of seeing Taurus Fire.

    What's with the little pointer in the third vid?

  2. The pointer is the user's mouse, he's playing the game straight off an emulator.

  3. Yes, but it looked like a Wii pointer. O_o

  4. I noticed you used my footage. Someone told me about it.

  5. ^
    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? XD

    And no, I'm not taking any credit.

  6. I really don't care. As long as you don't say you own it.

  7. @Anon1: I take it you hated Gutsman, too? Because, you do realize that he's this series' version of Gutsman.

  8. No, I didn't hate Gutsman.

    I can't really explain how it's different... :\

    Maybe it's just because I like the EXE series so much more that I look for annoying things in RnR. XD

    But it does seem kind of like they've cheaped-out with new bosses. There were always oodles of new navis, but there are only so many new wave being FM-ian wizard things.


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