Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Rockman EXE Legend of the Network" Gameplay

Footage from the little known Rockman EXE mobile phone game, "Legend of the Network."

Like its predecessor, "Phantom of the Network", progression is based upon downloadable "scenarios." Every so often, new scenarios would become available, each slowly advancing the overall plot of the game.

Gameplay wise, LoN remains nearly identical to its GBA brethren, with a few exceptions: The "real world" is not explorable, rather, progression is done through various menus. The network however, is fully explorable. Notably, there's a brand new transformation system reminiscent to the Crosses in EXE 6. (videos depict a Blues.EXE, ThunderMan.EXE and SearchMan.EXE transformation)

Speaking of plot, what does LoN have to offer? Basically, a super virus known as Trojan Horse, has invaded the cyberworld. As usual, Netto and Rockman.EXE step up to the plate to take down this new menace, but they're not alone. Joining them in there fight are two new characters: Cherise and her Navi RaiderMan.EXE (seen in second video).

So yeah, there's LoN. It's not EXE 7, but it's something.

For more in depth information, you can check out "C's" findings here and here

Credits: C, joseph, supermega233 and Dannyz


  1. I was always curious about these two EXE games.

  2. I always wanted to know about these. :D I'll be sure to come back and watch the entirety of the two videos...

    Too bad we can't play them here. ;__; I do miss EXE...


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