Monday, November 3, 2008

An Interview With Mark Gatha: Submit Your Questions!

Splendid news: At long last, I have finally obtained Mark Gatha's contact information, which shall be used to setup an interview. If you don't know who Mark Gatha is, shame on you!

Mark Gatha has provided the voice of MegaMan X in X8, Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X. His portrayal of the character has been positively received throughout the fanbase, some even consider him the best english VA to ever portray X.

Got a question for Mark? Ask him!

Submit your questions in the comments, and I'll have Mr. Gatha answer as many as he can! Ask him about his work as a voice actor, tips to getting into the industry, or even ask a few questions about voicing X.

Clueless on what to ask? You can find examples of some good questions at my previous interview with Caitlynne Medrek, the voice of Cinnamon.

You may submit questions from now until next Monday (Nov. 10th). Get to it!


  1. Is it possible to ask "Are there any projects that are related to Megaman X that you are currently or will be participating in within the near future?"

  2. ^
    possibly, but he may not be at liberty to discuss it.

  3. In the Mega Man X Collection, was there a re-recording of the dialogue in Mega Man X4 and X6?

    As far as I know, a Capcom rep explained that it was stripped for the Maverick Hunter X remakes but those never saw the light of day. I just want to confirm whether or not there was going to be a new voice track for those games.

  4. Here's one.

    When you played X in Maverick Hunter X, was the G Gundam resemblance planned out? The same voice acting, the shining finger bit, what was your reaction when/if you noticed it?

  5. Hi, did you did any voice acting for the Mega Man X Collection as X in the remastered versions of X4, X5, and X6, etc before they were removed due to Inafune's request?

  6. You know, this is interesting and all, but kind of pointless.

    Oooh, the voice actor. He read lines from a script. For all we know he's not even an X fan. XD (Though he probably is)

    What kind of information is there to ask for? :P

  7. ^
    lol, actually, he's a self proclaimed X series fan. I've heard rumors he actually had a hand in what content was included in the X Collection

  8. wow mark gatha, never knew i might be able to ask him a question. how about this, "if you could voice act for any anime/game/whatever(please rephrase this question when you ask him :D), which one would you pick and why?" or if you dont think this one is the kind of thing to ask him "youve voice acted in several series, mainly g gundam and megaman x. if you had the choice to voice act for a continuation of these, which would you do?", thanks protodude!

  9. The most important question of all:
    "Did you have fun voice acting?"

  10. I agree that the most interesting thing we would get from him is info concerning the Mega Man X Collection rumors...

  11. "Concerning the X series--did you get to voice X from the start, or did you originally have other roles?"

  12. That graphic of X makes him look cool...

    I should go buy X7 and 8...

    Actually, XD I should beat 1-6 on the anniversary collection first. XD

  13. I have one good one:

    Mr. Gatha, I loved your voice acting in MegaMan Command Mission. I currently own a DS and I've played MegaMan ZX Advent. In the game, there are sentient "rocks" called "Biometals" that reflect the personalities and attributes of the past MegaMen heroes. One of them is obviously X.

    Why weren't you called in to voice the part of X? The overall quality of the voice acting was below par, and I felt it was a contributing factor to the reason ZX Advent did so poor. I'm a very enthusiastic fan of the ZX series, and I'm bummed over the complete absence of a third title being created.

    If a third game was to be made, would it be impossible for you to voice Biometal X? And what about your cast mates for Command Mission? Could we see Lucas Gilbertson and Jeffrey Watson voice Biometal Z (Zero) and Biometal A (Axl) respectively?

    Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions.

  14. I dont think he is going to develop it. Capcom of JAPAN development it and Capcom of USA only translated it to english and something like that, that's all.

  15. How do you feel being the definitive voice for X's english voice? Does it feel good to finally be the voice that fits for X after the last two english voices were so terrible? Have you heard X's last two english voices? How hilarious did you think they were?(lol)

  16. Who is your favorite character from the X series aside from X? There are a lot of people who fall in love with the characters they voice act, but it's interesting to know if they have any other favorites.

  17. I always did like his voice of X, especially that line in MHX where he screams at Sigma, so awesome.

    1.If there are any future titles of Mega Man X, do you hope to continue doing the voice of X, or perhaps another character?

    Now for a completely silly one that I must know his response to:

    2. What was your favorite weapon to scream out?

  18. Dear Mark,

    Had you ever heard of the Mega Man franchise by capcom before working with them? If so, would you please explain what you had thought about the franchise before working with capcom?

  19. Have you ever thought of voicing another video game character?

  20. this is a weird question but i have to ask lol
    " Are you friends with any of the other MMX voice actors?"

  21. "Capcom seems to have the majority of its voiceover work done in Canada, specifically with Megaman. Have you considered panning out to do work in Vancouver at any point?"

  22. I would like if you asked him about how it felt to reprise the protagonist/antagonist relationship he had had in G Gundam in X8 & Command Mission with Dave Pettitt.

  23. "Anonymous said...

    I dont think he is going to develop it. Capcom of JAPAN development it and Capcom of USA only translated it to english and something like that, that's all."

    I never said anything about HIM making a game. Read my question again. I was only speaking of the possibility of having him voice Biometal Model X if a new Rockman ZX game was created.

  24. Dear Mr. Gatha the Awesome,

    Ok, first and foremost- THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST VA FOR X WE COULD HAVE ASKED FOR! No seriously. o_o; *ahem*

    Ok, questions. Right.

    #1: I noticed one time while watching the credits to the old 90s Mega Man cartoon done by Ruby Spears, Ocean Group also provided the voice acting for that show. Command Mission, Mega Man X8, and MHX all claim Ocean as voice acting work in their credits, which of course is where we've all enjoyed your amazing work giving X the voice he really deserves.. Were you with Ocean at that point? If so, did you work on the Mega Man cartoon, and maybe we just didn't notice you in the credits somewhere? And if so, who did you voice?
    #2: Any plans to head to conventions in the future? There's a certain mob of Mega Man fans that go to Otakon every year that I think would love to have you sign their games! (or PSPs, in my case. ^^)

  25. Is capcom secretly working on a game called Sega vs Capcom?

  26. I have a question. or two.

    Has Mark every played a Mega Man game before?

    But what I really want to know is if he will ever return to voice acting in another anime series... his last one was a while ago and he did not reprise his role as Domon Kashu in Dynasty Warriors Gundam...

  27. Sweet setup, proto--thanks!

    Now my questions for Mark:

    1.) From online conversations I've had with Medrek (Cinnamon) and Gilbertson (Zero), I learned that the cast for these MMX games never so much as see each other and you do all your voice acting solo, in a studio by yourself. As an actor, how does that affect your performance? How do you use your voice to create a bond with "Zero" or to stage confrontations with villains when you're standing in a room by yourself? Because I have to say, you pull it off convincingly!

    2.) Yes, I have to second tobes' question, haha, that's awesome! What was your favorite weapon to scream out in MHX? xD

    3.) Do you have Facebook or MySpace? (Okay, so that's not a serious question.) =P

  28. (Before I begin, I've got to hand it to aubrey and rew for their questions and a bit of inspiration; although I was the one who told you about this post in the first place aubrey! :3)

    As an amateur voice actress trying to get into the field, I'd love to hear how you got your big break and what you might be able to suggest to those like myself who would love to try their hand at this business.

    Also, a couple of quick Command Mission questions for you. Being that CMX was my first major game in the X series that I could actually play through and beat (yes, all of you old-school gamers can laugh at my inability to play traditional platformers) I found the storyline and gameplay to be wonderful, as well as loving the English voice cast.

    Were there any scenes or parts of the storyline that you enjoyed voicing and/or reading through particularily?

    Also, have you ever played though any of the games you have done work in?

    And, finally (because I have a feeling this is already a long post) with regards to the MegaMissions series, would you ever be opposed (if it were to ever be made) to voicing both X and iX/Return X? *Just curious on your take of the "two sides" to X.*

    (Since this is horribly long, please feel free to edit, change or fix as needed. And thank you in advance for allowing the fans to ask questions...for me this is part of a dream come true!)

  29. ok here's the deal everyone. inticreates made zxa, capcom of JAPAN translated it. english french whatever it was all capcom of japan :)

  30. Wow. Mark.

    How do you feel about the recent dubbings of english Megaman that haven't even been completed all the way and abandoned? Angry, sad, or what?

    Do you like the EXE and Star Force?

  31. Dear Mark Gatha,
    I think you should continue voice acting and continue your job as a doctor. I know that there are some things more important, but if you can sqeeze in free time to continue voice acting, but this could be if you feel like it. I recommend it, but you don't have to if you don't feel like it.

  32. Dear Mark Gatha,
    Happy Birthday! Now that I got that out of the way, have you ever considered resuming voice acting like on the internet and other games like Dust An Elysian Tail. You could just record voices at home at your free time, and voice act for indie games, or on rare occasions, voice X at home, and send the recording to Capcom online.

  33. Mark Gatha, do you ever plan to come back to voice acting?


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