Friday, November 28, 2008

E-Capcom Preps New Rockman 9 Shirt

In honor of Rockman's upcoming anniversary (Dec. 17th, 2008), E-Capcom plans to release a brand new Rockman 9 t-shirt! Well, it's not as cool as a commemorative statue, but it's a start.

The shirt, nicknamed "Road to Rockman 9", will display a chronological list of the main titles in the Classic series (Rockman 1~Rockman 8) on the back, while the front displays numerous characters in 8-bit glory.

Fortunately, such a nifty shirt might not be so hard to obtain. In the past, Play-Asia has stocked numerous Rockman t-shirts from E-Capcom, so chances are, they may have this one available in the near future.

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  1. I never get those fancy things! they never ship to europe!


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