Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A "Grim n' Gritty" Rockman?

A thought inspired from a discussion at Capcom-Unity:

How would you feel if there was a more "maturer" Rockman title? A game that steps out of the norm and presents a darker, less kid friendly look at the series we know and love.

Realistically, something like this wouldn't happen for many reasons, primarily Inafune san's intent of selling the series to kids. But for just a moment, let us ignore Inafune's policy and think of the possabilities.

Would you purchase such a game?


  1. Yeah since it is Megaman and being a Megaman fan. Although I think it should be a newer series and not one of the older series. The only way I wouldn't buy it would be if Zero is the main guy. I didn't like MMZ series that much, the art style was nice but the game series wasn't great .

  2. I'd love to see a Rockman game similar to the actual Sonic games.
    I don't want speed, but it would be great to have those graphics. Imagine yourself exploring Dr. Wily's base in a full 3D world, not with the same gameplay as legends, I mean more free and with lots of enemies to shoot.

  3. More mature in which ways? Brute? Killer? Well, it's not Rockman spirit, as well as NOT for kids, perhaps Mickey (with respect) is for kids, not Rockman.

  4. :| I dunno. It wouldn't be Rockman-y. I'd go for 3D like anon2 said, but I don't want an ultra-violent blood spewing game. :P

  5. The X series was considered to be darker and more gritty than its predecessor.
    A darker series would be interesting, but not too gritty or grim because at that point it would lose its Rockman spirt, so to speak. It just wouldn't be a Rockman game anymore.

  6. A competent storyline, fleshed-out characters, and the like qualify as "Mature" to me. If they want to show us a side of Megaman's world we don't normally see, then so be it.

    What I DON'T want is some gore-fest that, despite earning an M rating, only panders to twelve-year-olds.

  7. yes, yes, oh my maverick god, YES!!!

    i would totally buy that, and maybe a few extra copies aswell

  8. I kinda get the point but what really makes mm kid rienly is the silly eyes the robots has and how they present the language. otherwise megaman is in most ways a machine of war and thats not what "society" would call "kid friendly". and we already have this sort of megaman game, megaman x was a step in that direction with exeption for some of the title wich had awful translation and bad budget. And from there we got mm zero wich took the x series a litle further. the more story they put in to it it became more srious in a matter and by dooing so its contence made more sence for a more mature gamer. im sure kids played the x games but I out the unerstand them in the way their take was on lets say megaman powerd up. But making a megaman with intent from the begining that it shoul be for more mature gamers lets say like 15+ yes i would like that and i woul not like that for one very good reason, they would o it horrobly wrong in they way most 15+ games and even 18+ game are today. all they have if redicelus story without any passion what so ever(now i dont mean passion as in love i mean passion for a good story, like in the mmx games until they screwed it up but i forgave them when they gave us meverick hunter x)and they put in mindless vilence just for the sake of mindles violence and that dosent work, sure i love violence(dont get me wrong here)..it just has to be done right with story, a good story, have a point and a purpuse.

  9. A darker (not grittier) 3D Mega Man title with tight, action-oriented gameplay would kick untold amounts of ass. But until Capcom can decide how to do it well, we should be happy with the cheerful MM canon.

    After all, we all know what happened when the made Bomberman gritty...*shudders*

  10. We already had a mature Rockman series. It's called the Zero series. And had it been on a console instead of a handheld, I'm sure the violence would have been much more animated. (Remember, the Japanese version did have buckets of blood... And, c'mon, you can slice up all your bosses in a number of unique ways.) The characters in the Zero series were all far more human, and as such, they died and bled like humans (for the most part).

    That and the story was considerably darker (pre-CoA translation), the entire atmosphere was much more brooding... the entire setting was war-torn and secluded. It wasn't until ZX that this universe took even a remotely positive turn.

    And Zero is MUCH darker than the X series ever was. Yes, X signals a time in Rockman's career when the franchise became more serious, but all-in-all, the X series is a bit too colorful and upbeat to compare to the Zero series.

    Now, if we could get a world like that again, I'm game. I know we can't exactly continue the Zero series... That's ZX's job, and the world of ZX is a little too upbeat to generate a "mature" Rockman game like you suggest. (It's slowly progressing closer and closer to a world like DASH.)

    Classic, DASH, EXE, and Ryusei are out of the question in terms of seriousness. That basically leaves ZX and X, both of which could easily take a much darker turn if Capcom wanted it...

    Or an all new series? Yeah, I think it's time for the Rockman franchise to branch out to a new series that isn't a total cop-out of one of their previous ones (ZX to Zero, Ryusei to EXE).

  11. "I'd love to see a Rockman game similar to the actual Sonic games."


  12. Hmm... You know, though this will NEVER happen... I could go with a more serious EXE game...

  13. Megaman is Megaman. X is X. That's it.

    If Megaman gets dark and less kid friendly, then kids may will lose their interest or faith in him when he does unthinkable things to his enemies with violence (or remorseless).

    I'd rather Megaman stay true as a sense of justice and kid friendly.

  14. Axess is about as serious as the EXE franchise will ever get, I'm afraid.

  15. I'm with Seiko. The Zero games were very mature compared to all the others. Many serious topics were discussed in the Zero games that are very related to the world today.
    Terrorism, racism, minorities, dictatorship, corruption, holocaust, energy crisis, mass genocide, ...

    No other series has ever been this serious, even ZX went back to the cheery happy ending we know from the Classic series.

    IMHO, as great as the Classic and X games are, to my the Zero games top them as best Rockman games. The high speed, the decent difficulty level, the ranking, the story, the plot twists. Unfortunatly many non Rockman fans missed out on these.
    I wish Capcom/Inti would remake them, same style but high res graphics or 2.5D like X8 without changing any of the gameplay.

  16. MMZ is just as kid friendly as Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, so saying it's mature is null and void.

    A gritty mature Mega Man? HAve they seen Bomber Man Zero? Did they see how horrible that game was? Of all the crap Capcom does, this would be the worst. We already have an overly "deep" and complex story in Mega Man ZX, and it's convoluted garbage.

    When I fight people named "Prometheus" and "Fefnir" people named after mythological dieties(for no real reason I might add), do they expect me not to realize that this is the same series in which Mettools came from? The series where I fought robots like Spring Man? Where the fearsome villain builds machines with big googoo eyes? Come on. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

    A gritty Mega Man game would be just like a gritty Sonic game or a gritty Bomberman game. IE Crappy.

    Keep Mega Man fun, keep it funny, keep it colorful. When you try to George Lucas it up, it gets stupid.(See: Legends)

  17. Why wants more mature ? I think it is not necessarily. It is kind of... unclean. It is not NORMAL. We human are make to be clean and respectful at each others but no.. There are many sick people out there. If you want mature of this game then you obvious are sick as well. I think it is best to have this game as kid or just an adult game in the clean way to enjoy and safe environment.

  18. You want a mature Mega Man game?

    Get a copy of Dead Rising, unlock the real Mega Buster and the Mega Man outfit, collect the helmet at the theater and there's your mature Mega Man game XD

    But seriously, I would buy a mature Mega Man game, if they make it right.

  19. I thought we were in 2008 already.

    Mega Man Zero came out already or are we still in 2001?

  20. Wow. I think many have taken this WAY too seriously. I think what they mean is to not make it involving blood and terrorism, but to show how evil Wily is and a more human side to Mega Man as in MM7's ending.

    As long as it would be kept still modest, it could be the best Mega Man game yet. MM2 was in it's own way the same. I think this may be a very positive step for Mega Man if it were to be taken. It has my support.

  21. Well, I guess I would play it. But does it have to be rated M? The most I see a Mega Man game rating is T. M is just too much.

  22. I feel like they already did that for Megaman X, Zero, and ZX in terms of a darker storyline.


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